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You, on the other hand make it quite clear that they will screw up any and all trades. r F4l Sun Feb 11 2018 pm ESTNumber 2 is the Finn the Preds drafted 30th overall last year: Eeli Tolvanen. Could the Rangers be asking for him as any part of a Nash deal?

It's interesting nonetheless given all this talk about possible prospects the Rangers might be considering. A shitty player who got KO' D in a nanosecond.kitchen1Sun Feb 11 2018 pm ESTSpeaking of the Rangers flop of a fire sale in 2004, I just turned on the NHL network and they are showing a Champions Hockey Leagur game between Jokerit Finland and another team..who's on Jokerit but Donnie Jarko Immonen!The TB prospects from all I read are good/solid but not super.Foote 2/3 pair, good skater, not as physical or mean as dad, Howden probably a bottom 6, seems captain type material and Raddyish scorer who needs to work on his skating and using his big body (sounds familiar) and Katchouk is good energy guy has scored better than Raddyish this year, but also needs to work on his skating.Martin has been pressboxed lately in favour of Kapanen due to his lack of footspeed (Kapanen is a speedster).r F4l Sun Feb 11 2018 pm ESTRDW: That's enticing, provided the draft is their 1st rounder. I honestly believe neither of Nylander or Marner are available, but Kasper Kapanen was called up a few games ago and has looked extremely impressive for the Leafs.I like the Leafs deal (if it's there) because both kids are playing in the NHL now and looking good. If they are prepared to offer up him and Dermott and a pick, that's the deal Gorton should bite at.Then at least I wont have to listen to fans talking about how free of blame he is for any of the team's woes.

Rhet0ric Sun Feb 11 2018 pm ESTGreat start by the Miller-Hayes-Grabner line! Even if no goal.just pure sloppiness afterwards.everybody especially The King...

In 45 games this year for his WHL team, he's got 14 goals and 50 points so he really looks like the prototypical d-man for today's game. The Blues have no first this year due to Schenn trade so not sure what the some would be.

For those who know nothing about Kyrou, check out his WJC goal: https://

MCd Woould be a others need to go..not just for picks/prospects.. But it looks like the Rangers arent thinking anything of that Hospo Sun Feb 11 2018 pm ESTGotta say tho, while rumour mongering has its pleasures, this waiting is gonna drive me nuts, especially given the worry of typical Ranger luck kicking in and Grabner or Nash getting hurt before Gorton acts.r F4l Sun Feb 11 2018 pm ESTOh damn. Those picks don't all have to be in 2018 either.

Spreading them over 2 drafts would be wise.r F4l Sun Feb 11 2018 pm ESTSCHENDW - It is, becasue the Rangers are attmpting to do the same thing.a GM who has a spotty record and was being mentored by the guy that did the previous fire sale...

if someone bites then great, if not we can always come back to it at the draft! 1 reply 2 retweets 9 likes Rick Carpiniello Retweeted NYR Stats & Info ‏Verified account @NYRStats Info 4m4 minutes ago Mats Zuccarello has registered 40 or more points in five consecutive seasons (2013-14 - 2017-18).