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But we can certainly become, to varying degrees, “disconnected” from, or consciously unaware of, our bodies.


Without full awareness of our bodies, we’re never really sure what we feel. A widespread belief throughout Western history has been that our minds are separate from, and superior to, our bodies.The mind has been viewed as the exalted seat of reason, identity, and spiritual purity, while the body, with its untamed emotions and crude urges, has typically been seen as the lower, “animal” part of us.A very common unconscious response to this kind of trauma is for the child to make his or her body very rigid.This freezing or deadening of the body seems to happen in part to dull the severe emotional pain that the child will inevitably feel.But what neuroscience and cognitive science researchers have been finding, in discoveries that are truly revolutionary, is that this supposed division between mind and body is almost completely illusory.

The mind, it turns out, can’t really be separated from the body at all, because the body seems to play an integral role in almost everything the mind does.When an emotionally-charged film triggers anxiety in people with alexithymia, they are often unaware of that anxiety – they indeed quite anxious. They’re just not very connected to, not very aware of, what’s happening in their bodies. Intact physiological response to arousal with impaired emotional recognition in alexithymia. When the body doesn’t have enough fun, when it isn’t fully alive and vital, it will probably compensate at certain times by having a little too fun. One way or another, unfortunate decisions will be made – we’ll eat a few too many desserts, get rambunctiously drunk, or have sex with the wrong person. When the body is disconnected, some sort of blowback is almost inevitable.

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