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Numerous studies concluded that gender does not play a role in the total number of perpetrators; however, males are more likely to inflict physical abuse and females are more likely to inflict emotional abuse.

Some other reasons for parental abuse according to several experts are: Even though some studies have been done in the United States, Australia, Canada, and other countries, the lack of reporting of adolescent abuse toward parents makes it difficult to accurately determine the extent of it.

Parents feel a sense of shame and humiliation to have that problem, so they rarely seek help and there is usually little or no help available anyway.

Parent abuse is defined by Cottrell as ‘any harmful act of a teenager that physically harms another person, in this case the parents.' He goes on to say that although parental abuse is real, it is never really caused by the child but by the parents themselves.

(This is not always the case though as some parents have done everything in their power to help their child.) Although many people try and convince themselves that someone else is to blame for their child's actions, yet they are only making it worse for the child.

Parents must take the time to learn their child so they can have a meaningful relationship that the kid wants to keep healthy.

The highest rate of abuse happens within families with a single mother.

Mothers are usually the primary caregiver; they spend more time with their children than fathers and have closer emotional connections to them.This practice often helps discourage abusive behavior and show that it will not be tolerated.These types of aggressive behaviors are very important to recognize for appropriate treatment of adolescents and parents abused by the same.Parents must examine their children’s behavior and determine if it is acceptable or if it crosses the line of abusiveness, just as a parent has the responsibility as an adult who is supposed to know better should be responsible for his/her own abuses towards a child.Some teenagers can become aggressive as a result of parental abuses and dysfunction or psychological problems.Some children may have trouble dealing with their emotions, that is all part of growing up but there is a line that should not be crossed and parents may determine where that line is.

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