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Who is tevin campbell dating - my fox 10 dating

Many people were in support of Ocean, seeing him for the artist that he is and not his sexual preference, and some saw it as a marketing ploy.Either way, he had a slew of celebs and fans behind him, and sold a great deal of albums in the process.

Tiny also posted about the name change on her Instagram page and informed fans it was all due to Kandi NOT wanting to be associated with their new music. “Because it’s only 3 girls on the music & she does not want ppl thinking she is on the music so u will know the difference it’s Xscap3 for anything she is not apart of!While Ocean may be the first R&B singer to openly talk about his preference (he never defined if he was gay or bisexual), in the past, some artists have waited to reveal their sexual preferences, had speculation surround them for their entire careers or had their sexuality used as a way to get attention.Some artists have walked away from the industry, stayed and battled accusations, and others have seen more success from the speculation or their big reveals. In 1985, Prince owned a white T-bird and could often be seen driving it around north Minneapolis.2.Prince's dad, John Nelson, led the "Prince Rogers" jazz trio, which eventually became John's nickname, and then Prince's official name.3.The artist not only released his album a week early, but also told the world a story about his first love being a guy on his Tumblr page.

The story was not only beautifully written, but its affect has also showed how much the hip-hop community is changing.Billboard broke the news that Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, La Tocha Scott and Tamika Scott were officially going by the name XSCAP3 and had also signed with CAA for world wide representation. Peep Tiny’s response to a fan in her comment section.this week (last week in a digital format) to stellar reviews, reaching number one on i Tunes immediately after its release on Monday night and ending up taking the second spot on the Billboard charts after it’s release online last week.To prepare the cast for Purple Rain, Prince enrolled them in classes at Minnesota Dance Theatre. Prince's second-ever television appearance was on American Bandstand in 1980 at the age of 19.After the performance, Dick Clark said, "This is not the kind of music that comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota."38. His first album, For You, was done completely alone. Prince produced trio Vanity 6, where the 6 refers to the breast count.40.In 2010, he made several cameo appearances to catch shows at First Avenue, including almost joining Gayngs on stage during their album release show, but each time he would slip out of the club just as attendees were about to fly into a tizzy.15. Prince dissolved the Revolution in 1986 when he dismissed Wendy & Lisa from the group.