Who is tessa bonhomme dating

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Who is tessa bonhomme dating

The actress, who also showed off her tattoo on her derriere, gave a front and back view of the swimwear on her Instagram stories.

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She also has a Yorkshire terrier inked on her rib cage - which her Girls co-star Jemima Kirke tattooed.

It looked more liek a Dancing with the Stars routine, because the performance value was so high. I can’t believe one of these skaters has to go home…in my (humble) opinion, Bryan Berard is still lacking in finesse and performance.

But I can make a case for everyone, it was a great night of skating!

Amazing Race is one of those shows, like Survivor, where the format makes it a winner, no matter what. They also did a particularly interested retrospective on the Sale/Pelletier scandal of the 2002 Olympics (has it been 10 years?! Last night, there were some great performances, specifically by Cal Hulse who did a ‘shoot the duck’ the end the skate, and by Tessa Bonhomme who is really starting to look the part.

The Halloween episode of Battle of the Blades has become a tradition, and I applaude how well placed the episode is within the span of the season (purely by accident, not design…) The Halloween episode is usually the final 4 – which means that each pair is talented enough, and confident enough to pull off a creative piece in full costume.

When the heck did Sunday night become THE TV Watching night of the week? Last night, I watched Amazing Race, Battle of the Blades, Cover Me Canada, Football, Baseball and X Factor!!!!

Move over wednesday night, Thursday night has met it’s match… I was surprised to see X factor on, I guess I missed the ‘special time’ announcement.I’m never worried about Tessa Bonhomme and David Pelletier.They always deliver, always surprise me, and are always confident in their routine.Lena captioned it: 'And because I'm a deranged daughter of Tri Be Ca, the Odeon sign now lives on my a** for life.' In addition to the unique art, Lena also has a tat on her torso - featuring an illustration by artist Langley Fox of skateboarder Lauren Thornhill Caswell.The HBO star chose to have the artwork done above her scar from her endometriosis surgery she underwent in March 2016.Lena's tattoo of The Odeon on her left butt cheek was done by artist Robert Bonhomme - in honor of the famed restaurant in New York City.