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The animals are better,” Pacquiao said in the interview. If we approve [of] male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals.” Clearly, Pacquiao hadn’t read an article or watched nature programs about the vast amount of homosexuality that naturally occurs in the animal kingdom, but he still decided to apologize for his comments while maintaining that he still believes homosexuality is wrong.

“He (the father) was crying and saying, you guys are like an angel, and thank you for helping me.

“Mayweather is good at not getting hurt – I couldn’t get him again and I’m good at taking care of business and knocking out people that I catch.” Mosley has stopped or knocked 39 of the 47 men that he beat.“I never missed anybody, never said no to a hard fight,” added Mosley.

“I kept on meeting and beating unbeaten fighters, kept on moving up and so far I have won world titles at three different weights.

Mosley, now 43 and still desperate to get in the ring, went on a run of title fights that included a rematch victory over De La Hoya and stunning wins against the odds in fights with Ricardo Mayorga and Antonio Margarito.

It was in the hours before the fight with Margarito, which took place in front of over 20,000 fans in Los Angeles, that a disgraceful discovery took place when it was found that the Mexican’s hand wraps had been coated and were now hard with plaster of Paris.

In a move that is still hard to accept, Margarito had to change bandages – the illegal ones were confiscated by Mosley’s people and handed to the local commission – but the fight went ahead.

“There was no way that it could have been called off – the venue was packed with his Mexican fans and my people from Los Angeles – it was my home town and I would have fought him with the concrete in his wraps.” It was Mosley’s finest night and Margarito was destroyed in nine bloody rounds.Unfortunately for the pro boxer, Nike wasn’t happy with his comments and promptly ended their long-term contract with Pacquiao.According to media reports, Mosley was recently asked about Pacquiao’s comments and Mosley’s girlfriend claimed that he’d take a rematch against Pacquiao in honor of the gay community.“I had known Oscar since I was about 10, we had been at the 1992 Olympic trials, we had been in gyms together; he was boxing’s No 1 fighter and I beat him.Yep, I guess I was the best.”Mosley had reigned as lightweight champion from 1997 until 1999, then gained nearly a stone and fought De La Hoya at the start of arguably boxing’s most amazing sequence of fights.A woman called Denise is on reception at the studio in west London where, for the last four years, she has sat and watched boxers of all shapes and sizes arrive to sit on the sofa for my weekly Box Nation show.

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