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Putin’s clutches Unless Blavatnik’s contributions were directed by a foreigner, they do not appear to violate U. It gives them some distance from the Kremlin, it gives them some plausible deniability.”Louise Shelley, director of George Mason University’s Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center, agrees.

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Blavatnik and Vekselberg built the second largest aluminum business in Russia and then merged it with UC Rusal, Russia’s largest.

A number of prominent New Hampshire politicians, on both sides of the aisle, received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a Ukrainian-born billionaire who is reportedly under investigation by Robert Mueller’s team for his 2016 campaign donations to political funds controlled by Donald Trump. in 1978 when he was twenty-one years old, Blavatnik obtained U. citizenship and earned advanced degrees from Columbia and Harvard Business School.

In September, ABC News reported the special counsel’s investigation had begun looking into nearly million in campaign contributions from three Americans with Russian business connections. K., who is ranked by Forbes as the 40th wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of billion. He then returned to Russia, where he made his fortune in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse, becoming business partners with Russian oligarchs who now have close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

“Wind energy has created over 102,000 American jobs. “Wind energy has created over 102,000 American jobs. Connecting the dots All seven of the websites we identified belong to nonprofits advocating for, or against, specific energy projects or energy-related legislation.

That includes between 1,000-2,000 jobs in Pennsylvania … That includes between 1,000-2,000 jobs in South Dakota … In addition to the two New England organizations lobbying to block specific power projects, the group in Virginia is lobbying in support of a natural gas pipeline project while the groups in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, South Dakota and New Mexico all promote wind energy projects or legislation favoring renewable energy suppliers.

His first New Hampshire-related contribution was a 00 donation to Jeanne Shaheen’s first Senate campaign in 2002.

Two years later, Blavatnik and his wife Emily made donations to the New Hampshire Republican State Committee totaling 11.That analysis – and a bit of stray metadata – makes a compelling case that the one company whose corporate initiatives align with each group’s advocacy work is the nation’s largest electric utility: Next Era Energy.To make that case, we’ll walk through each organization’s history, its advocacy positions and the related Next Era Energy initiatives that align with the group’s advocacy.Each site’s terms and conditions begins with the sentence, “In order to create an enjoyable and safe online experience on our sites, we ask that all users understand and comply with our site Terms and Conditions.” From there, they are all virtually identical except for the organization name and contact information.A link on the NMCES website led us to another energy-related advocacy organization.We found four – and only four – that are virtual duplicates.