White women and asian american women resentment prejudice dating

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White women and asian american women resentment prejudice dating

For people who have had little real-life interaction with a minority group, their beliefs about the minority group are heavily shaped by the media.

Young male Muslims are filling British prisons, while there are very few Hindus or Sikhs in prison.

In online geek communities such as Slashdot, Digg, and Reddit, there is the common joke that “geeks” cannot get girlfriends (this language assumes that all geeks are heterosexual males, perpetuating the stereotype that women cannot be geeks, and the sentiment that women do not really belong in geek communities or IT). Why would a man take advice about women from men who fail in interacting with women?

Yet many male geeks do, nonetheless, because such rationalizations are comforting to those who are invested in believing in their moral and intellectual superiority.

Also posted in halal, imams, Islam, Islamic extremists, Islamism, Islamist extremism, Islamist radicalisation, Islamists, Muslim, Muslim anger, Muslim convicts, Muslim girls, Muslim identity, Muslim prisoners, Muslim women, Muslims, Ramadan, vice, viciousness, women (oppression of) The West is running scared of the Mohammedans Muslims know that Europe is running scared of them.

They feel no gratitude whatsoever for the tolerance they may encounter in, for example, Britain, says Dalrymple, but rather contempt for the spinelessness and decadence of a country whose tolerance can so easily be turned against it, and whose liberties might without difficulty be used to propagate and eventually impose tyranny.

I have heard in my medical practice from innumerable young Muslim women that they were removed from school by their parents at an early age, several years before the law allowed, but I have yet to hear of even a single case in which a school or the school inspectors took effective action to return such a child to the school.

I concede that the white girls who remain in the schools from which the Muslim parents illegally withdraw their daughters learn little after a certain age except how to be a lumpen slut, of the kind with which this country is so exceedingly well endowed: but the law is the law, and the subsequent fate of so many Muslim daughters is far from an arranged marriage to a woman he would not have selected for himself (but who is nonetheless useful to him as a provider of domestic comfort), and lead a happy life elsewhere; a life that often includes the possession of a concubine or two, more often than not of the lumpen white-slut class.

They draw the conclusion that our society is running scared of them.believes — whether he knows it or not — that it is right to force young girls into marriages they don’t want, to deprive them of the schooling and careers that they do want, to regard them as prostitutes if they leave their abusive husbands, and to punish, even to kill, those who cross cultural and religious boundaries.

As an Italian commentator once put it, multiculturalism is not couscous; it is the stoning of adulterers.

Also posted in British society, contempt, cowardice, cowardice (British), cowardice (Western), decadence, extraterritoriality, forced marriage, liberties, liberty, marriage (forced), multicultural society, multiculturalism, multiculturalists, Muslim girls, Muslim integration, Muslim women, Muslims, sluts, sluts (lumpen), spinelessness, Theodore Dalrymple, tolerance, tyranny, Western society, white-slut class, women, women (abduction of)is the time when one looks outward for unifying explanations of one’s dissatisfactions, and education is in part the means by which abstractions become more real than the phenomena before one’s eyes.

An extremely nasty and primitive ideology, in which a distant but perfect future appears to its adherents more real than anything in the present, lies ready to hand.

In other words, these “high status” males in fiction and the fictional women who fall in love with them are taken as data points concerning the general behaviour of women.

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