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On 19 April 1775, the Light Infantry and Grenadier Companies participated in the march to Concord, and the resulting fighting at Lexington, Concord, and the march back to Boston.Casualties were five men killed, three officers and 15 men wounded, and one man captured.

The 5th left Monkstown, Ireland on , for Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony.They were still in Ireland when hostilities between Great Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the former Colonies officially ended in 1783.On 1 August 1782, all those regiments of the line that did not have a special title were given a county designation.In 1692 the unit sailed for Flanders where they were to remain for five years.In 1695 they were part of the allied forces that recaptured Namur.The French lost 400 killed and 1100 wounded to the British losses of 10 killed and 130 wounded, which included two officers from the 5th Foot.

After two years in the West Indies, the 5th Foot was sent to Ireland in December 1780.

On 17 June 1775, after being under siege by American forces for two months, the regiment participated in the attack on the fortifications at Breed's Hill (the Battle of Bunker Hill).

After spending two months on board ship in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 5th sailed to New York to participate in the effort to capture the city from the Americans.

The regiment was originally part of the Dutch service and known as the Irish Regiment, or Viscount Clare's Regiment, under the command of Daniel O'Brien, 3rd Viscount Clare.

In the following year the colonelcy passed to John Fenwick and the "Irish" designation was discontinued and the regiment was referred to as a "Holland Regiment".

The primary purpose was to improve recruiting, but no links were actually formed with the counties after which the regiments were named.

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