Validating identity error wireless connect microsoft

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After upgrading a number of systems to the Fall Creators edition of Windows 10, version 1709, we began receiving reports of certain users being unable to access a specific set of shared folders.

The chapter also discusses an optical wireless system, which is defined as any system that uses modulated light to transmit information in open space or air using a high-powered beam in the optical spectrum.

We were able to duplicate the problem, but again, only during the one period, and even stranger, only when the class was in the room.

We use Meraki access points, and based on this particular AP not seeing its mesh neighbors all that well, we initially thought we were dealing with some localized RF interference.

The primary definition of a fixed wireless technology is that the transmitter and receiver are both in a fixed location.

Service providers consider MMDS a complimentary technology to their existing digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable modem offerings; LMDS is similar, but provides high-speed bandwidth.

This had no effect on any of the sub folders or users access to them, but it resolved the path not found error.

Oh well…back to beta testing the latest GA build of Win 10…

Some quick testing showed that the users with “Read” permissions could access the share, while those with “Traverse Folder” could not.

The entire purpose of “Traverse Folder” is to “[a]llow..moving through a restricted folder to reach files and folders beneath the restricted folder in the folder hierarchy.” Having this permissions should be perfectly sufficient for what we were doing, and for years, up until the Fall Creators version of Win 10.

There were no relevant log entries, so we crossed this off the list of possible causes.

Interestingly, not all shares were an issue; even other ones on the same server worked fine.

Once we realized that we could not draw any conclusions from the location of the problem, we expanded our investigation and revisited the previously mentioned excessively large amounts of data being downloaded.

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