Updating windows live

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Thunderbird includes a setup wizard for importing your messages, contacts and calendar entries from an email account without messing about with POP3 addresses, but there’s no way to shift everything straight from Live Mail.The interface isn’t quite as modern as e M Client or Mailbird either, but it closely resembles your old client, so there’s practically no learning curve.

It also warns users of the older Windows Live Essentials 20 programs that they will no longer be supported and will need to use a different means for accessing their emails.

Depending on which email system you’re using, there are different steps you may need to take.

Windows Live Mail 2012 users You can continue to use WLM 2012 on your PC with a Hotmail, Outlook.com, MSN or Live email account, but you’ll need to install the update linked to within the Microsoft email.

Switching from Live Mail to one of these other free tools is simplicity itself, so just choose the one that best suits your needs.

When you launch e M Client for the first time, it offers to import data from any other installed email clients with a single click.

There’s even a chat app built in, with support for popular tools like Jabber, making e M Client a one-stop shop for all your time-management and communication needs.

The free version only lets you manage two email accounts, but if you’re looking for a quick and painless way to move on from Windows Live Mail, e M Client is the perfect upgrade. Mailbird Lite is another free email client that makes migrating from Windows Live Mail a breeze – just select the option to import your data and the software handles the rest.You’ll soon learn to love the tabbed browsing though; just double-click a subject line and the message will open in its own tab, enabling you to refer to multiple emails without any hassle.If you like the look and feel of Windows Live Mail and aren’t looking for anything too flashy, Thunderbird could be the tool for you.If you have a Hotmail, Outlook.com, MSN or Live email address, you’ll need to switch to using the new Windows Mail App (which requires Windows 8.1 or 10 to run). While you can access your email accounts via Windows Live Mail 2012, or the newer Windows Mail app in Windows 8 and 10, Our advice is to use webmail instead.With webmail, your emails live securely online, rather than on a specific computer.This means you can access them from any computer by logging in with your details.

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