Updating video driver dell deminsion 2400

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Updating video driver dell deminsion 2400

NET FRAMEFRAMEWORK; which I don't think installed properly.Then the download Manger; I selected about 3 drivers I think I needed and clicked add to download, and it says they are downloaded; but when I check the Downloads Folder; all I see is Dell Driver Download Manager Icons; and when I click on them and it tell me to go to Drivers and Downloads; I keep repeating the cycle; so I've used the repair on NET Framework and unistalled the Download Manager, and I'll try that again.

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Put your arrow on it with the mouse and right Click Click Update Driver Choose let the internet choose and install it, and it should restore the Screen Resolution.That listing of the build should reflect pretty much what was installed for the PC. Once you've installed the right drivers that "device manager" listing will reduce the yellow flags it shows., repeat the process as necessary.Thanks Bud, Perhpas I didn't pay enough attention to your suggestions and I'm battleing with my own fatique; this has been consuming me.Next, I mentioned using your service tag# or s/n# or both which also when entered provide the basic info of devices.While I realize the Dell model 2400 was very popular but ONLY 1 Dell system was build with your s/n#.when I try to download them off the site, on another computer (like at the library or a laptop) it tells me that I must download and install the .

NET Framework; and when I try to do that it won't install it.

is for yor Video card,, PCI modem would be probably the one you want,,unless you have an integrated modem,, Goto whatever way you got online and google for PC Wizard 2010 and install it. Look under the modem section and note down what it finds.

Then goto the Dell support website and d/l the proper modem driver.

I can't get online, nor can I download the Drivers off The Dell Site.

When I try to download the drivers off the dell site it tell me to download the .

If the modem is a card, you can also look it over and find the maker's name somewhere on it and then visit the Dell support website if it supplied it.