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Here are the list or fees based on the DFA Passport Application Form 10.1 Regular Processing (25 days according to the DFA Application form, but was told it is now 15 days) – Php. 10.2 Expedited processing (15 days according to the DFA Application form, but now it is just 10 days) – Php. After the interview just wait for your Passport Receipt/Claim Stub where at the back you will see the schedule, date and time on when you can already claim your passport.I applied for an Expedited Passport on November 28, 2012 i am to get my Passport on December 6, 2012 at around 4pm-5pm.

Now this is not the initiative of the DFA Baguio staff but only by the applicants themselves so if in case you do not see a list i suggest that you gather the applicants and agree on a queue system to monitor those who are actually there and who are just trying to cut the line.The Details being asked are pretty basic so it would not be a problem at all, just make sure you write legibly and that you do not leave any spaces blank, write N/A if the question renders to be not applicable.Also make sure you only write Accurate statements because using FALSE Statements is PUNISHABLE by LAW under RA 8239.Now if your name is on the list this is not a guarantee that you will be getting a chance to process your passport, for two reasons, if the line is not checked somebody might get your spot and two the applicants are only limited to 150 (as of the time when I processed my passport last November 28, 2012). The Long Wait – now you have to wait from six to nine in the morning, this is a good time for you to take your breakfast or snack, but do not move away from your line.During that time all of the establishments at SM are still closed so the snack you brought could come in handy. I happily shared this news with my friends and most of them are asking me the processes to take when applying for a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs Office (DFA Baguio) in SM Baguio.

When I found that out i immediately asked the NSO Customer Service and they gave me the steps to follow for me to change Baby boy to my actual name, the thing is changing your name from Baby Boy to your actual name will require two months processing, the good thing about this is you just need to process this change via your local civil registrar and wait for two months.Now, if you are planning on applying for a passport i suggest you get your NSO Birth Certificate as early as possible, do not wait for the last minute before your planned travel believe me you might be surprised on what you might be written on your NSO Birth Certificate. Prepare Passport Documentary Requirements – Now, if you already have your correct NSO Birth Certificate it is time for you to prepare the documents which the DFA Baguio Staff would be looking for when you apply for your Passport.Now the documentary requirements are divided in two categories, Valid Identification and Supporting Documents. School Form 137 or Transcript of Records With Readable Dry Seal e. Other Documents Issued at least 2 years ago that shows picture and Signature of applicant f.1 SSS-E1 Form f.2 Income Tax Return f.3 Voter’s Certification, List of Voter’s and Voter’s Registration Record (with attached receipt) f.4 NBI Clearance f.5 Police Clearance f.6 Community Tax Certificate f.7 Barangay Clearance ***As for myself i brought with me my SSS Digitized ID, my Income Tax Return of 2011 and my Transcript of Records.You can also download the Passport application form through the DFA Website ( REMINDER: The documents to be prepared as stated is good only for those who are applying for their passport for the first time and that you are NOT a Minor (under 18 years of age) and you HAVE an EXISTING BIRTH RECORD.Otherwise there are different processes and requirements which I cannot discuss here since i haven’t experienced it.(data is based on that which is written at the back of the DFA Passport Application Form Dated November 28, 2012), Bring at least 1 of the Following ( but i suggest to bring 2 or more just to be on the safe side) a. Tip: Make sure your documents are in order or consistent, your details such as name, date of birth etc.

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