Updating indexes for block model space

04-Mar-2020 10:51 by 2 Comments

Updating indexes for block model space

20 - [ MISC ] – Added a convar tv_playcast_delay_resync, which allows users who occasionally lose their GOTV connection to increase the delay before a stream re-sync is attempted.Generally this should not be set higher than tv_playcast_retry_timeout.

Mappers will need to recompile their models to have a higher rotation inertia precision.

Other column statistics will need to be maintained separately.

This answer is really just a long way to say: Yes, you should do routine index maintenance, but only on the indexes that need it. Tom Kyte, in this classic Ask Tom thread, recommends: The time lag between index rebuilds should be approximately FOREVER. Don't know how to say it better -- the index wants to be big and fat with extra space.

– Boston 2018 Attending Legends (Holo/Foil) Capsule and Autograph Capsule are now available for purchase (these capsules do not include 100 Thieves).

At the risk of being way too general in my answer, I will say that you should run an index maintenance process regularly.

– Added a map place-able entity (vgui_world_text_panel) that allows mappers to put floating, localizable text in their map without needing custom res files.

– Added vscript function named Script Print Message Center All With Params which requires 3 params that get inserted into the localization token at the %s1’s.

– Exposed some convars to allow Co-op Strike (and other modes) to adjust the Heavy Assault Suit (mp_weapons_allow_heavyassaultsuit, mp_heavyassaultsuit_speed, mp_heavyassaultsuit_deploy_timescale, mp_heavyassaultsuit_aimpunch).

20 - [ BOSTON 2018 PICK’EM CHALLENGE ] Enabled playoff Pick’Em bracket for Boston 2018 Major Championship.

All brackets will be locked at 9 AM Eastern Time on Friday January 26 before the first playoff matches start, so make sure your bracket is ready!

[ MISC ] Fixed an unlocalized string in GOTV timeout UI, which now will show total number of timeouts allowed and how many timeouts a team has taken.

So what if your indexes are becoming fragmented on a regular basis due to regular activity? It is on a column you update -- moving the index entry from place to place in the index.

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