Updating file attributes with vb

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Updating file attributes with vb - book dating a divorced man

(Coded by N2IC) RSGBCLUB(RSGB 1.8Mhz Club Calls): Rules changes, points, multipliers, bonus station - GB3HQ.

(DJ3IW)(Coded by K3CT) UDC: Enabled "Sent Exchange will be: " message in EW for POP_(Popov Youth Cup) (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M) FT-80C: Radio control changes.

(Coded by N2AMG) Fix Cabrillo for CQ 160 when exchange has been changed in Log window (N2NC) (Coded by N2IC) QSO Party: Eliminate most Msg Box displays during startup. (Coded by K3CT) QSO Party: Do not generate a valid Cabrillo file when the user fails to update the default Sent Exchange items box during contest setup.

(Coded by K3CT) Icom Spectrum: program was closing radio menus when spectrum was streaming.

(SQ7D) (Coded by N2IC) 3.95 MB N1MM Logger Update 1.0.6846Network Status: Factor in column headings width when autosizing columns.

(Coded by N1MM) Entry Window: Window menu, Visual Dupe Sheet tool tip covers text preventing selection.

(Coded by N2AMG) 3.96 MB N1MM Logger Update 1.0.6883Call Stacking: Fixed the ALT D operation.

(Coded by N2AMG) Call Stacking: If the program changes from Run to S&P, clear and close the callstack window.

N1MM Logger Update 1.0.7026Fix issues with band AMQ band selection with dark skins (LY5T) (Coded by N1MM) Increase amount of time allowed starting Airspy server (Coded by N1MM) When baud rate could not be set, display a message asking if the user has the correct driver installed (Coded by N2IC) Digital: When Tiny FSK window is select and window scrolling is set to non-scrolling clear up Tiny Fsk window so output is not jumbled up.

(Coded by N2AMG) Digital Setup: Remove Minimize and Maximize buttons.

(Coded by N2AMG) SO2R: Turn off the option Dual Rx Always On when switching from SO2V to SO2R.

(N6XI)(Coded by K3CT) When choosing to open a database, a contest is required to be chosen.

(TK5MH) (Coded by N2IC) Alt-F9: Fix issue with 1.8 and 3.5 in Antenna table when country/locale is expecting 1,8 and 3,5.