Updating a jailbroken itouch

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Updating a jailbroken itouch

Before following the procedures below, make sure both your i Tunes installed is the latest version.Step 1 – Launch i Tunes and plug-in your device to the PC.

This is quite a long and time consuming process, so it isn't recommended to perform it if you have to rush to some place in sometime.The best way to update a jailbroken i Phone is with the help of i My Fone i OS System Recovery.It is a tool which provides a professional help in installing a new i OS on your device.If your device is jailbroken, you can experience hard time while updating to the new system update via OTA update.The majority of jailbreaks doesn't support OTA updates and end up disabling it.Step 6 – Make sure your device stay connected with the computer during the whole process.

Also, your device will reboot several times during the process, which is normal. Step 7 – After completion, your device will reboot to a "Hello Screen" and you can proceed to setup your device.Step 3 – After downloading the firmware file, hold down the "Shift" key [Windows] / "Option" key [Mac] and hit the "Check for Updates" on i Tunes again.Step 4 – A pop up will come up on the screen that i Tunes will update your i Device to i OS 11 and will get it verified with Apple. Step 5 – Since, you've already downloaded the firmware file, it won't take much time.Click on the "i Phone" icon on the top left corner and hit on "Check for Updates" in the "Summary" section.Step 2 – If the update is available, you'll be notified with a pop up window. As soon as you hit it, i Tunes will automatically update the firmware of your i Phone to i OS 11. Note: If you didn't get a notification for the update, manually download the i OS 11 update for your i Phone on your computer and proceed to Step 3.But if not, it will then take some time to download the latest firmware file (i OS 11 file size is expected to be 2.0 GB).

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