Ubuntu wicd validating authentication

30-Mar-2020 20:49 by 6 Comments

Ubuntu wicd validating authentication

Or (2) This is a bug in the implementation / operation of wicd in xubuntu.

MS Host Controller .4 System peripheral: JMicron Technology Corp.– After an attempt to connect, wicd reports "BAD PASSWORD".– This is both incorrect and confusing, because the password is correct. – After an attempt to connect, wicd again reports "BAD PASSWORD".– In xubuntu Settings Start‑Up Applications: removed tick before Network Manager, added tick before wicd. Bug: ---- – wicd fails to connect on system start‑up.– Open the wicd "Choose from the networks below" panel and click the "Connect" button.This access point is fully functional with "network‑manager" on a second identical instance of xubuntu 12.10 on a different partition on the same netbook.

– Removed using synaptic (including configuration files): network‑manager, …‑gnome, …‑pptp, …‑pptp‑gnome.

You should have a line like "connect result is failed" in your log to testify that. We ran 100 system start-up sequences on a fresh clean and fully updated standard installation of xubuntu 12.10.

— The shortest sequences were with 1 BAD PASSWORD error message, followed by a manual click on the Connect button followed by a successful connection.

— The longest sequences of BAD PASSWORD error messages were in excess of 15, each time followed by a manual click on Connect, but without ever resulting in a successful connection (after 15 we performed a system restart).

— The average was 6.7 BAD PASSWORD messages prior to a connection.

It simply needs to be resolved, either by the wicd developers or by the wicd developers in cooperation with the xubuntu developers.

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