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However, he barricades the door with a hospital gurney before he flees. Daryl asks if doctors always go around packing heat like that, and the doc deadpans, "There were plenty left lying around. But you look harmless enough." Carol notes that she's claustrophobic underground, and Jenner simply advises her not to think about it. "Vi, bring up the lights in the big room," he says, and the lights go up. Looking around, Rick questions the absence of other doctors. As Jenner takes a blood sample from Andrea, she asks him what the point is. None of us have," Jacqui explains to Jenner as she helps Andrea stable herself. Later, the group feasts in the CDC cafeteria, joyfully drinking wine and liquor from the fully stocked kitchen. After dinner, Jenner shows the group around the building, directing the children towards the rec room and telling everyone not to waste electricity. Dale argues that they have an opportunity to make a fresh start. Carol takes the children to bed while Lori stays behind to browse the library.

He calls the Outbreak humanity's "extinction event." Rick's family and friends look on fearfully.

He stumbles, drunk, and she whips around, startled. " he asks, insisting that he didn't lie to her about Rick.

"I'm going to tell you a few things, and you're gonna listen," he says, closing the door. He really thought Rick was dead, that he hadn't heard a heartbeat when he listened for one at the hospital, he swears to her, "and I had y'all to think about".

Before they are able to, Jenner locks them inside the control center. To prevent organisms from getting out if the building's security was ever compromised, HITs (High-Impulse Thermobaric fuel-air explosives as defined by Vi) would deploy, setting the air on fire.

It would destroy the building and everything inside.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) by a strange doctor.

Shane is visiting Rick in the King County hospital, wearing his Sheriff's Deputy's uniform.Starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes Laurie Holden as Andrea Jeffrey De Munn as Dale Horvath Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes "TS-19" is the sixth and final episode of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead. A flashback starts this episode at the onset of the Wildfire Global Outbreak. It was written by Adam Fierro and Frank Darabont, and directed by Guy Ferland. But all is not what it seems in their newfound haven.He assumes that it is of something else as he is clueless as to what had just happened with her and Shane."We don't have to be afraid anymore," he assures her.The next morning, Rick shuffles in to the cafeteria. T-Dog proudly dishes out powdered eggs for everyone, and Glenn groans in agony with his head down.