Trouble updating ipod touch software

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The fastest way to find out if the version of i OS on your i Pod touch is the most recent version, choose Settings→General→Software Update.

You need to use i Tunes to install or update the software on an i Pod nano, i Pod shuffle, or i Pod classic, and you can also use i Tunes to update i OS on your i Pod touch.Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, and then choose Software Update from the System Preferences window.Select the Automatically Check for Updates check box to turn it on.To check for the availability of an updated version for Windows, choose Help→Check for i Tunes Updates.If you use a Mac and you enabled the Software Update option in your System Preferences, Apple automatically informs you of updates to your Apple software for the Mac, including i Tunes.You can also click the Check Now button to check for a new version immediately.

If one exists, it appears in a window for you to select.

If your version of i OS is current, the screen tells you so, and you don’t see those buttons.

To see which version of i OS is installed on your i Pod touch, choose Settings→General→About.

Go ahead and click OK to update the i Pod; you’ll be happy you did.

After you update the software, i Tunes continues syncing the i Pod until it is finished.

Connect the i Pod to your computer and select it in the i Tunes source pane (in the Devices section).