Three rules of relative dating

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Three rules of relative dating

Our results illustrate the efficacy of such modeling techniques for monitoring and potentially enhancing national financial stability.This paper answers fundamental questions that have preoccupied modern economic thought since the 18th century.

Which particular assets have the highest long-run returns?

Previous research showed that credit growth is a robust predictor of financial fragility.

I find that changes in top income shares and productivity growth are strong early warning indicators as well.

Overall, the results indicate that both the productive capacity of an economy and the distribution of income matter for financial stability.

Financial crises are born out of prolonged credit booms and depressed productivity.

According to the model, multiple Type 1 processes may be cued by a stimulus (Stage 1), leading to the potential for conflict detection (Stage 2).

If successful, conflict detection leads to Type 2 processing (Stage 3), which may take the form of rationalization (i.e., the Type 1 output is verified ) or decoupling (i.e., the Type 1 output is falsified).

The distinction between intuitive and analytic thinking is common in psychology.

However, while often being quite clear on the characteristics of the two processes (‘Type 1’ processes are fast, autonomous, intuitive, etc.

This paper develops a New Keynesian model with a time-varying natural rate of interest (r-star) and a zero lower bound (ZLB) on the nominal interest rate.

The representative agent contemplates the possibility of an occasionally binding ZLB that is driven by switching between two local rational expectations equilibria, labeled the "targeted" and "deflation" solutions, respectively. economy experienced a massive expansion of credit, a slowdown in productivity growth, and a rapid increase in income inequality.

What is the aggregate real rate of return in the economy?

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