Subsidized dating

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The 64-year-old joined the frail, elderly, homeless and disabled at the Mesquite Community and Senior Center in Nevada paying just $3.50 for a subsidized lunch.

Booklist is published 22 times per year, and reviews over 7,500 titles annually.Mr Blake, who is well-known in Mesquite for owning a large converted armored car, added that Paddock never once asked him about the unusual vehicle which he parks outside the senior center.He said: 'It surprised me that he didn't come to ask me about my armored car, which to a lot of people is a very unique vehicle and they want to ask all kinds of questions, but Stephen never even came one time to show any interest in it, which surprised me because people all over the city, almost every day, different places I go to, say they really love the vehicle.'I never got a word from him, he wasn't friendly that way at all, he was very introverted.'Mr Blake said others who know Paddock in Mesquite says he lived a pretty mundane every day life.He added: 'People are saying: "gosh if we knew somebody like this was in here we're not even sure we'd have come here all the time", because they think he could have shot and killed all of us in no time.'I hear that quite often ever since it happened, people are fearful about what's going on with people like him, it's hard for them to believe that someone could go and fire on thousands of people like that who are having a good time.'Paddock committed suicide Sunday night after police closed in on him following his shooting spree that claimed 58 lives and left 489 other injured.He opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Route 91 Harvest music festival attended by 22,000 people.It appears he was only interested in the cheap food.'The last time he came in was Thursday, he came in to ask one the cooks about her enchiladas,' said Mr Blake, who lives in Mesquite.'They serve a big variety of hot food here, I saw him eating Mexican food and hamburgers, they also make meatloaf and lasagna.

I once helped serve carrot cake and recall giving Stephen some.'It used to be .50 a meal, but then it went up to .50.Some of his neighbors rarely saw him, all they knew was that he gambled professionally.Mr Blake says everyone in the center was shocked to hear about what Paddock did and its left them feeling 'uneasy' and 'fearful'.The frugal life of twisted mass killer Stephen Paddock is beginning to emerge.Daily Mail TV has learned that the multi-millionaire former accountant was so concerned about saving money that he often ate lunch at a retirees' center.'They don't get a chance to have much of a social life.'Stephen didn't seem to me like he was in to anything else other than deep thinking of how he was going to play his next poker game.'Mr Blake says Paddock's behavior stood out because a lot of people who come to the center want to socialize and take part in the many fun activities it offers.