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Calls were made yesterday for an inquiry over both the alleged cover-up and the Government's links to the US taxi firm.Opposition politicians pointed out that Rachel Whetstone, a senior vice-president at Uber, is a personal friend of both Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne.'This blatant cover-up by 10 Downing Street must now lead to a formal inquiry,' said Caroline Pidgeon, the Lib Dem chairman of the London Assembly's transport committee.

But when Mr Howard responded a month later, in March 2016, he said only: 'We do not hold information in relation to your request.'Mr Korski had in fact exchanged at least seven emails regarding proposed Uber legislation with both Tf L officials and senior mayoral staff.

On March 30 last year, Downing Street responded, in a letter sent on headed notepaper and signed by Nicolas Howard, assistant private secretary to Mr Cameron.

It was short, unequivocal, and to the point: ‘We do not hold information in relation to your request.’In other words, the prime minister’s office was saying it had no record, whatsoever, of any correspondence between Mr Korski and officials who worked for either Tf L or for Mr Johnson.

He believed that Mr Korski had also bombarded officials at Transport for London, which was in charge of the review, with calls and emails and met with them to water down any regulations.

Some of the phone calls and other messages circulated during this campaign had, he was told, been very hostile indeed. To see whether it might be true, Mr Morris asked Downing Street in late February to send him details of ‘all correspondence since January 1st 2015’ between Mr Korski and either the mayor’s office, or Tf L.

He also wanted to force all private hire firms to wait at least five minutes before accepting a booking and picking up a customer.

In response, Uber launched a petition, claiming that Mr Johnson's 'bureaucratic' proposals would make it harder and more expensive to travel around London.

Last night a No 10 spokesman said: 'Any suggestion of a cover-up is categorically untrue.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with an Fo I response is advised that they have the right to request an internal review about its handling.' However no further explanation was provided.

'Under David Cameron, Downing Street was clearly acting as the lobbying arm for Uber which is extraordinary.' When Mr Johnson was mayor of London in September 2015 he threatened to curtail the activities of Uber, a smartphone app that allows users to hail a minicab.

There were fears the web giant was putting traditional taxis out of business and contributing to congestion, air pollution, illegal parking and accidents.

Mr Morris had been reliably informed that David Cameron and George Osborne had overseen a vigorous secret lobbying campaign to stop Boris Johnson from seeking to tighten regulations on the taxi firm Uber.