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I probably see myself as more of a facilitator than a Cupid.It’s just about bringing people together in the same room.

So I think the best thing to do is just give it a little time and keep an open mind.If your date’s spending more time looking at their phone than your face, that’s probably not a great sign.But then they also may have just found a really great Insta-puppy... If you find you’re not interested, get the bartender on your side and work out an infallible escape plan.Approach: We make an effort to utilise unusual venues, typically warehouses or warehouse conversions, and collaborate with some of Sydney’s best DJs and party-throwers.Get a whole lot of single babes in a room and something’s bound to happen.It’s much easier than sitting there wondering, or waiting until you’re fully invested to find your desires don’t align.

I find it funny that the large majority of us will more readily take off our clothes than talk openly about what we want.

It’s all face-to-face, it’s not online and you’re not uploading any information about yourself.

The idea of having a checklist, which often happens with online dating, is a bit unrealistic because the actual chances of finding that perfect someone who ticks all your boxes is a bit slim.

Clients: We attract a late-twenties to late-thirties crowd.

We do straight and gay events, and there’s been a huge demand for an over-forties one so I’m just finalising the details on that event as well.

It’s usually people who have a bit of a level of self-awareness and an interest in being mindful, having good connections and cultivating good relationships.