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So, I says to myself, I says, "How the fuck are people making mods already? You shoot some noob raider a few times in the chest, or some boss 5 times in the chest, they're fucked. I went messing around with race abilities (mods are still pretty limited in what they can do) and nerfed reloading for EVERYBODY. that's the time to unload your clip, not let some other motherfucker have his turn while you wait for yours! You can be in a lit hallway, crouched down, 3 feet from a guy, and he can't see you. Sometimes you will still think "I'm totally in the open here." But you type 'player.getlightlevel' without the single quotes in console and you've got like 10ish or less light level; they aren't supposed to see you in this light that the game is passing off as "pitch black." Lower your gamma, I guess?And why am I too stupid to google this shit properly? Now everyone was some dumb motherfucker that got shot in the face by Christian Bale in Equilibrium. You fall from 3 floors or more, your legs are HURT. It tells them to shoot at you in 100% of the situations in which shooting at a person is a logical decision when you want them to have bullet holes in them rather than you have bullet holes in you. And even if you kill him, his buddies will search for like 20 seconds maybe, then go back to not remembering they had this friend WHO JUST GOT SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEAD right next to them. And if they know you're there now, welcome to sneaking around for a while waiting for them to forget. I ain't done, but I'm satisfied this is better than the half-fucked gameplay you're used to.

Powerful Power Armor Makes Power Armor more resistant to damage so as not to suck with the increased damage settings.

Recommended Core includes the following: Stealth Overhaul (detection distance is separate), Better Combat AI, Reduced Grenade Spam, Farther Grenade Detection, Molotov Overhaul, No Condition Regeneration, Fall Damage Overhaul, and Compass Radar Reduction. If you don't choose Recommended Core, choose any (or none) among the files mentioned in its description above. At some point I was fucking around and I managed to get offed by someone and I was underwhelmed. So I made some mod that would increase damage done. I would go on to reduce resistances some, but it scaled like a pregnant yak.

That should have happened 20 minutes into the game. Then, I says to myself, I says, "Hey, why am I reloading the gun like I'm Christian Bale in Equilibrium, if Christian Bale had been hooked on amphetamines in Equilibrium? I was one of those slow motherfuckers he shot in the face. Then, I says to myself, I says, "Hey, did I just fucking die jumping 2 and 1/2 floors, landing on my feet?

So, after seeing the car unveiled the day before at the Bunny Cafe’s opening party in Yokohama (I’ve got a separate post on this coming up very soon), I made plans with Miura to swing by the following morning to quickly shoot the S14 before it returned to Kyoto.

Since we are right smack bang in the middle of the rainy season here in Japan, the weather was far from cooperative.

And you don't need Dalai Lama patience, just normal "I'm carrying extra shit to my house" patience. It's not messing with code, 'cause I can't, just how the AI uses code. But unfortunately this game shares much of its code with medieval games like Skyrim.

And there you all were complaining that the only thing Miura-san was able to do is slap over-fenders onto a bunch of different cars…

"So I nerfed the player (actor value) reload speed in my stupid mod. Some motherfucker just shot me 5 times in the chest and I died from a sprained ankle? I live next to some of the best beaches in the world (PCB), and I don't really like the beach, but I got nagged into going to the beach, and I mostly played football ('merican) with my son but I spent a little bit on my phone looking for my mod. First of all, it is impossible to be detected by people at any halfway decent distance, especially outside.

"So I used my stupid file to remove some damage from falls. I looked up "realistic damage."Two other motherfuckers had done my mod (the damage part) 2 days before, as an file. I figured out how to do the weapon damage - you get shot 5 times in the chest, you're fucked. A basic child's understanding of ballistics isn't rocket science - defending with a gun involves shooting the gun. And I add flanking flags instead of dueling flags (to ranged ppl, not to melee), and I tell them to strafe like they've at least played counterstrike once, and I make it to where they don't stop shooting just because they're in a large group... You can have a goddamn pipboy-light-bathed shindig 100 yards from a dude, and so long as you're in "stealth mode" he can't even begin to see you. Granted, darkness is lamplight at this point without a graphics overhaul, it's hard to know how much light you've got going on, but inside they have light decreased by 25.

Don't make a save game until you KNOW you want the changes to reload/walk speed that you choose.

Your best bet is not to use these unless you KNOW what you are doing and KNOW that deep down you REQUIRE these changes to make you happy. Choose either Sneak Detection Distance Increase, Sneak Detection Distance Increase (Half), or none. It's cool for immersion and if you want people you snipe to snipe you back, but can make them able to detect you from much further and will have NPCs constantly fighting each other.

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