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I'm gonna be going to school in the fall and plan to major in psychology and minor in history. At the moment I am still living with my parents but only until I have enough saving to move into an apartment on my own.

Beagle, author of “The Last Unicorn.”Photo opportunities and autographs are still available for purchase from most of the stars.

I made the switch to red wine a couple years ago, but I still drink white wine.

(This is getting sillier as I go) I am a animal lover who is bi curious but has always been a little bit more into girls. I am mostly house broken unless left inside too long.

From life size wookies to fully functioning robots, the costumes alone make Comic Con worth the visit.

Here’s a good tidbit for those who are coming for the costume watching. Reason #9: The celebrities and authors Because clearly costumes aren’t a good enough reason for everyone to brave the crowds and check out Salt Lake Comic Con, our next reason is probably the most popular: a whole lot of celebrities and authors will be there!

But I grew up on a steady diet of hymns and classical music. I like to think I'm an all around fun loving person.

You can add failed violinist to my list of accomplishments. I like to meet new and interesting people, for fun and serious conversations. I do like to get on the couch and curl up on your lap.... For the last few months, announcement after announcement has been issued by the fantastic public relations staff of Salt Lake Comic Con, broadcasting news blasts and updates of exciting celebrity guests, epic side events and highly enticing contests, all in hopes of drawing more attendees to the annual pop culture convention.Whether or not the promotions have whet your fancy, the last day of this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con is starting soon, meaning time is running out to be a part of the biggest convention the state of Utah has ever hosted. Click through this slideshow to see our Top Ten reasons why you shouldn’t miss Saturday at Salt Lake Comic Con!Rather than staying home in fear of the crowds or excessive exposure to all things super nerdy, we’ve spent the last two days of convention time gathering information and compiling a list of all the great reasons you should be going. Reason #10: The cosplay Probably the most obvious highlight of attending a pop culture convention like Salt Lake Comic Con is the vast amount of cosplay going on.For those of you who might not be in the loop, cosplay is, in essence, dressing up like your favorite character, whether it be from comic book, movie, television or more. Full time Realtor, who loves food, movies and animals. But no one has read my poems and the novels are half-finished.