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For comparison, the current version for Windows 10 at the time of writing is 62.Of course, this last version of Chrome will still continue to work.

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This is a slower-moving branch of Firefox that waits longer to add new features than the normal branch.nternet Explorer favorites to make your switch as seamless as possible.So it’s safe to assume that it’s still receiving security updates.However, patching an outdated version of the browser isn’t the Opera team’s first priority.Though it might seem obvious, for completion we should mention two silly sounding choices.First, though Safari was once available for Windows, Apple discontinued it years ago.Surprisingly, the Firefox situation is a bit better than Chrome’s.

In October 2017, Mozilla announced that the end of life date for Firefox on Windows XP is now June 2018.

when using the old, insecure operating system (OS).

If you’re still using one of those XP computers, the best thing you can do is ditch Internet Explorer for a more modern browser.

This is the main thing you can do to make your Windows XP system more secure.

Even when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP, most popular software continued to support it for longer.

Microsoft won’t tell you to use a different browser, but they’ll definitely tell you to stop using IE on Windows XP.