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100% of the profits from this event, and every Long Island speed dating event held in September 2004 will be donated to the LI911 Memorial Fund, a project created by the Long Island Association of Retired New York City Firefighters to honor the nearly 400 Long Islanders who died in the terrorist attacks.

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My friend and I have been trying to get into a session for women between 38 and 53 and have been unable to do so.

I think in a way we were relieved since we are very nervous about doing this...

Each time a new single woman arrived, she was immediately introduced to group and made to feel welcome. The women had already been eating and were sitting at tables.

They had already paired up themselves, and were making new friends.

This was simply a creative solution meant to address a shortage of single men in their 40’s and 50’s.

Here is the story: When Long Island Speed Dating (currently known as Weekend Dating.com) was started, I thought the only market was for the 25-35 year old crowd. Some of our best events are for the 40’s and 50’s age bracket. Where did all the single guys in the 46-56 age range go?By the end of the evening we had completed approximately 20 rounds and it was time for the feedback.I knew this event was not for everyone, so was concerned about what I was about to hear. I got a few bits of constructive criticism, but none of these comments came from women.Each man was seated with a pair of women and the night began.Instead of our normal 4 or 5 minutes per date, the time was increased to 6 or 7 minutes per double date.Not only did they meet several eligible men, but they also made several new female friends.