Speed dating long island 25 35

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Speed dating long island 25 35

Yet now being able to do it together would be a great way to start.” Hmm, well I said the overwhelming majority were positive, but not all.Since every story has two sides, here is my favorite comment from Ms. who said “Your double speed dating is one of the worst ideas I have heard in a long time.

Here is the story: When Long Island Speed Dating (currently known as Weekend Dating.com) was started, I thought the only market was for the 25-35 year old crowd. Some of our best events are for the 40’s and 50’s age bracket. Where did all the single guys in the 46-56 age range go?My friend and I have been trying to get into a session for women between 38 and 53 and have been unable to do so.I think in a way we were relieved since we are very nervous about doing this...The comments from women were overwhelmingly positive.A few ladies who expressed hesitation about signing up for the event said they were pleasantly surprised and were very happy they attended.Why not just line up the ducks and have a carnival shooting match where the guns outnumber the ducks?

While others may like your new idea, please put me down as a vehement "no".

Initially I thought a lot of women would be coming in pairs, but surprisingly about 70% of the female participants came alone.

I was pretty amazed to see how easily the ladies bonded.

Since that time, the information may have been added, cancelled, or altered.

Always double-check all pertinent information before registering or attending.

Women have complained that they have been waiting more than 6 months to come to an event.

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    The question nagged at me—not least because of my own experiences watching promising relationships peter out over text message—so I set out on a mission.