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Speed dating flash cards - best dating cities

This fake card came with a piece of paper which specifies the card has a 5 year warranty, but this is contradicted by the "Lifetime Warranty" logo on the box.As specified on their website, San Disk offer a lifetime warranty on their Ultra II Compact Flash cards.

Always read through the seller's feedback, as it will give you a indication of their reputation.

The genuine San Disk boxes have a hologram logo sticker on the front of the box, in the bottom left corner, just above the San Disk logo, but this fake box is missing the sticker.

The "San Disk Ultra" text on the genuine box is also much more embossed and glossy, and the "II" text to the right of the "Ultra" on the fake box doesn't line up with the rest of the text.

Also, I suggest you to purchase Sandisk product from our distributor in the future.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

The protective cases for the cards are also different, with the case for the fake card being slightly smaller.

The fake card didn't actually fit into its protective case properly, as the case appeared to be slightly too small.author: Martin "mpot" Pot date: updated: 3 June 2006 with new photos This page details a fake San Disk Compact Flash card that I purchased from e Bay, and provides information to allow you to easily identify fake San Disk cards.I bought the card on e Bay, from a seller who has been a member of e Bay for nearly 5 years, and with about 140 positive feedback ratings.The genuine card had a user guide with the "Ultra II" name on the front, while the fake card came with a generic user guide (which contradicted the box, and mentioned a 5 year warranty).The fake user guide was just a photocopied piece of paper folded up, while the genuine user guide consisted of several papers stapled together.However, in some cases, the seller may not even be aware that they are selling counterfeit cards, but might be under the impression that they're selling genuine cards.

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