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It features an absent father and a chance encounter with greatness — in the form of a Beatle — that led to fame and fortune. Indeed, by the late 1960s, he viewed it as a hustle of sorts.

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The hits started in 1970 and continued right up until 1984 in a remarkable fourteen-year run that witnessed the chart-topping So You Win Again, and such memorable songs as You Sexy Thing (which was a Top 10 smash in three separate decades), Disco Queen, Emma, No Doubt About It and Every 1 s A Winner. His manager, Phil Dale, confirmed the news to the BBC.Brown, who had been battling live cancer, is said to have died Wednesday in his Bahamas home."They Photoshopped the crap outta me," the singer said via a Snapchat video on Monday."My waist is not that teeny, I had a bomb waist that night, I don’t know why they didn’t like my waist, but …Millions are a bunch of young garage-pop marvels outta Brisbane.

Barely six months old but brimming with enthusiasm, Millions have already shared stages with the likes of The Grates, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Gold Fields, Bleeding Knees Club, Last Dinosaurs and Bluejuice.

Put Your Love In Me So sad to hear of the death of the brilliant Errol Brown, and had to buy this absolutely brilliant Hot Chocolate Compilation.

After a battle with liver cancer, Errol Brown - the man who sang "It Started with a Kiss" and "You Sexy Thing" - passed away at age 71.

It’s Brown singing on the band’s mega hit “You Sexy Thing”, as well as “Emma”, “It Started With a Kiss”, and “Brother Louie”, the latter of which was covered for the theme song to Louis C.

K.’s He left Hot Chocolate in 1985 to focus on family, but returned with a solo career in 1987.

Brown's band Hot Chocolate was a favorite of Princess Diana's. Errol Brown, formerly of the band Hot Chocolate and the singer of “You Sexy Thing,” died of liver cancer in the Bahamas at age 71. And, when my mother first left to come to England, she left me back in Jamaica with an aunty for five years.” Brown went to England at 12 — missing out of the reggae explosion that put other Jamaicans of his generation, including no less a personage than fellow Kingstonian Bob Marley, in the international spotlight.