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Any topics created for a roleplay request will be deleted. We will have only 100% incest image and video (or role-play). If a member repeatedly uploads media that is obviously not incest related the user will be removed. when his dick pulled out of my throat I inhaled deep through my nose and he plunged his dick back in.. when I pull out and you breathe in I want you to suck my dick head and swirl your tongue in my foreskin and on my dick head... As I kept working her back, once again she leaned more and more into me.

A little ways up the road, the road leers left and a bigfoot runs across the road. She said that she was in rehab for heroin and her family sent her to rehab. The fat guy says me neither and I havent bathed for a couple days so this is going to be really raunchy... Then he lay back on the bed and looked over at me and the instructions came... I crawled over and came face to face with his penis... I wanted nothing else but to lay in that bed and hold her.When you have sex with your girlfriend you imagine she's your sister, or your mother. I have a daughter of me own and Id be upset if this happened to her.. We finished eating and i left and i got a call from her telling me she wasnt ready to go home and she wanted to talk. Besides, we were both pretty hammered and I didn't want to force anything.If you're here and you have a steady partner you've done this. I told her she is welcome to stay at my place for a day or 2 to collect her thoughts. I laid their in her bed, listening to her shower and change for bed, wishing I could see her body.This girl gave me the best blowjob i ever had in my life and i had plenty of them. The old man and the fat guy smiled at each other... Man, for a catholic girl, she had some sexy ass panties. I finally found the ones she had been wearing, a sexy sheer black lace cheeky shorts.Im talking, up and down real fast moaning, the whole 9 yards. Looks like our little friend here is drunk and wants to go to jail. I immediately was interested in the option that he is speaking of... I sniffed them, and realized that she had been very wet.This girl could suck dick and for long periods of time too. We had a talk and she told me she wanted to hang around with me as long as i kept her safe for a few months, and at any time i want, sleeping or not i can use her however i want. he honked on the horn and his friend came over to the window... The fat guy smiled and looked in to the back thats not good... I made my haul of undies back to her bed and found another sexy, soft lace one to wrap around my dick.

I Tested her with this the first night and went in the den at 330 am and slapped her in the face to wakeup and pissed on her and then rolled her over and fucked her ass. I piled the undies all around me and jerked off until I came into at least 3 of her panties.

He told me it would just take a minute and that he would need me to pay him first... It turned me on even more knowing they were pressing against her panties in my pocket.

I agreed and he told me to go see his partner so I went over and the older guy to me to hop in the back... After a little bit more gossip, it was time for me to go. She came out in the tightest yoga pants I had ever seen. Later down the road, her and I shoot a few texts back and forth about doing this again real soon.

You don't have to be intellectual to cum from a story. She said she can cleanup on her own which is bullshit. I brought her there and she asked me if i could maybe sit down and have a meal with her and i could tell she was shaking and nervous and all that so i said sure. Well then young man it sounds like you would rather go to jail where they will do this stuff to you anyways... I started to cry the two guys had no sympathy and told me to shut up and that I had 1 minute to either get naked or get out and wait for the police... I had no choice and I started to take off my shirt... She got up slowly, not listening to my pleading about staying in her own bed, and mentioned sleeping in the guest bed while I had her bed.

Besides, incest, for most of us is only a fantasy and only ever will be. While we were eating i gave her my cell phone number and told her to call me up if she needed anything. I relented, knowing I already had crossed a line that could have gotten me in trouble.

She even told me 1 guy whose nice is fine and better than 8 different men a day which some hurt her... I was thinking of trying to brainwash her into staying here cuz i always wanted a sex slave girl and this girl is it. I was getting drunk at the local bar on a Friday night. I guess I was going a bit fast and started to loose control of my car and ended up in the ditch... the driver seemed like he was a large fat guy with a big beard and looked to be about 35-40 and the other guy with him was about 50 and looked to be in good shape and healthy. She laughed and said she would, but don't expect much since she's not good.

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