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The new high-performance machine, which produces recycled container board, strengthens the company's offering in the agricultural and electrical appliance sectors.

The overarching story follows the protagonist, a customizable Avatar created by the player, as they are unwillingly drawn into a war between the Kingdoms of Hoshido (their birthplace) and Nohr (their adopted home), and must choose which side to support.

After the critical and commercial success of Awakening, development began on Fates, with the staff of Awakening returning to their previous roles.

The team's main concern was adding new features and refinements to the original gameplay, and improving the story, which had received criticism from fans. To show all sides of the story and provide players with different Fire Emblem experiences, the game was split up into multiple versions.

Upon release, it met with highly positive reviews: Birthright was generally seen as a good starting place for new players, Conquest was praised for its challenge, while Revelation was noted as a good middle ground between the two releases.

In Fire Emblem Fates, the player begins by customizing the main character.

"Mexico is a market with strong growth potential, which is key to our operations in the region," Juan Guillermo Castaneda, Smurfit Kappa CEO for the Americas, said.

"We continue to invest in this country to boost our competitiveness and offer our customers the very best in sustainable packaging." The Los Reyes Paper Mill is one of the company's three container board mills in Mexico, where the company also operates 15 converting plants.Each version of Fates is focused around a different gameplay style.The gameplay of Birthright is similar to the prior installment Fire Emblem Awakening and features opportunities to gain extra gold and experience.Revelation uses a mixture of elements from Birthright and Conquest: while offering opportunities for gold and experience as with Birthright, it provides varied objectives and strategic elements similar to Conquest.A new feature introduced to the series is "My Castle", in which the player is able to create a base for their army, where they can establish shops, buy weapons and items, and interact with allied characters.Shops can be leveled up, which allows the player to choose from a wider range of items to buy.

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