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10-12 counselling sessions for people struggling with self-acceptance, coming out, forming relationships, managing conflicts or stress or other mental health issues fitting the LGBTQI profile of the service.We offer free legal counselling and representation to victims of discrimination, harassment and violence on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity; and provide advice on any legal matter where the sexual orientation or gender identity of the person might be significant.

With the help of police dogs and thermal cameras, they soon found 11 migrants on the run.

In spite of the relatively favourable legal situation, LGBTQI people still face prejudice and discrimination in many areas of life.

Most of them decide to keep their sexual orientation and / or gender identity secret, even to their family, friends and colleauges; there are very few out public figures in political or cultural life.

LGBTQI social life is significantly less developed outside the capital, but most larger cities have regular parties or even venues catering specifically for the community.

Same-sex marriages conducted abroad have to be recognized in Hungary as registered partnerships - says in a binding decision the Regional Court of Budapest.

The £45million will pay for security fencing, carbon dioxide detectors, heartbeat monitors and scanners to find stowaways.

Britain has already spent around £167million over the past four years on security at Calais and other ports along the Channel.

In 2011, they adopted a new Constitution that defines marriage as a union between a woman and a man and limits the notion of family to spouses and parent-child relationships.

They adopted legislation on the content of education which does not include LGBTQI issues in school curricula, and introduced family education as a compulsory topic with homophobic and transphobic undertones.

UK taxpayers will foot the bill for extra measures to target stowaways using cross-Channel lorries, trains and ferries.

French president Emmanuel Macron has vowed to stop Calais being a 'back door to Britain' – as long the UK stumps up more cash.

Under 'juxtaposed controls', the UK's border is effectively on French soil.

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