Rob wiles girlfriend dating

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Rob wiles girlfriend dating

Elsewhere, Beth's friend Tracy talks about her romantic interest, a much younger man who is later revealed to be Perry. He uses it to discover that "Beth Davis" did not exist until she enrolled in the police academy.It is also revealed that Perry has drawn several gruesome sketches of Beth and himself, including one in which he is choking her on a bed.

A college sophomore is stalked in a costume shop by a clown that is suspected to be her obsessive ex-boyfriend.Cara's ex-husband Paul (Preston Jones) is immediately suspected, as he showed up at the ceremony two hours earlier and was upset about losing his romantic relationship to a woman.But, in a twist, the team finds that Cara's father Jimmy (Louis Herthum), an LA policeman, has enemies—including Silas Martin (Michael Irby), a Special Forces veteran whom Jimmy fired for being unstable. Beth says there were 372 applicants and Jack wasn't even in the top 20, but she acknowledges, "you're lucky you don't suck".The team tackles two cases: a stalker who has an unusual affinity for setting his victims on fire, and a college student who is charged with assault but later says he was defending himself from harassment by Perry, a former roommate he had thrown out. Early evidence leads the team to a man named Barnes, who is a registered sex offender.Elsewhere, Jack himself spies on a mother and her child, later revealed to be his ex-girlfriend, Deputy D. While Barnes has several photos of Hannah, it later becomes clear that he did nothing more.When the girl is stalked again at the house, her ex-boyfriend and his roommate have indisputable alibis.

Jack finds evidence in the basement, pointing the TAU team toward a professor of paranormal and occult studies at the college.

At the end of the episode, Jack learns he only got the TAU job because his former captain in New York was owed a favor by the L. Amanda reminds Jack that the clock is ticking on his two-week timeline to leave L. Jack later spies on Amanda and Ethan again, and sees that Trent is Amanda's boyfriend.

The TAU team tackles the case of a stalker who plays on the phobias of various women.

The home has been vandalized with graffiti about greed and evil.

Andrea, the chair of an arts foundation, has a restraining order against her ex-husband, Kenneth (Alex Carter). They confront Kenneth in his new home with his new girlfriend, Melissa (Caity Lotz).

The rape victim reveals she moved to a top floor of a high-rise building because Powell has a fear of heights.

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