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For data on bullying and school safety, see Bullying & School Violence.A safe school environment, free of bullying, teen dating violence and sexual violence, is possible when all members of a community work together to affect change at many levels.

Sexuality education includes human growth and development; personal skills; relationships; disease control and prevention; sexual health and behavior; family life; and societal and cultural issues.

After multiple detox facilities, feeling desperate, and afraid for my life, I was finally ready to surrender to God and enter Teen Challenge.

Since coming into the program just five months ago, God has restored my relationship with my family; I now get to see my son often.

Schools provide a broad range of programs, services and nutrition education for students in grades K-12.

The RI Department of Education is responsible for administering major U. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Programs. Health services are programs and services provided to students to assess, protect, and promote health.

Sexuality is complex and it encompasses emotional, physical and social changes and factors.

It includes gender, gender identity, body image, and sexual orientation.

These regulations apply to all public and non-public schools.

These regulations are jointly promulgated by the Departments of Education and Health, and are periodically updated to align with new statutes, best practices, and emerging issues.

School safety involves a comprehensive and integrated approach to develop a full continuum of programs and services encompassing efforts to promote positive development, prevent problems, respond early, and offer interventions and resources to promote school safety.

Before and after school programs provide supervised and structured expanded learning opportunities for children and youth.

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