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The nature of this sunlit region gave greater encouragement to his separation from Impressionism, which to him was associated with the landscapes of the valley of the Seine.

His skill and the great pleasure he took in his work soon convinced him he should study painting in earnest.Thus, he obtained several orders for portraits and was introduced, thanks to the publisher Renoir mastered the ability to convey his immediate visual impressions, and his paintings showed great vitality, emphasizing the pleasures of life despite the financial worries that troubled him.Several of his masterpieces date from this period: In 18 Renoir made several trips to Algeria, Italy, and Provence, and these eventually had a considerable effect on his art and on his life.All of these revelations were so powerful and unexpected that they provoked a crisis, and he was tempted to break with Impressionism, which he had already begun to doubt.He felt that until now he had been mistaken in pursuing the ephemeral in art.With Bazille as the intermediary, the two groups met frequently.) provoked a violent scandal because its subject and technique stressed the observation of modern reality over the repetition of a traditional ideal.

Manet’s daring made him, in the eyes of these young artists, the leader of a new movement.

Having saved a little money, he decided, in 1862, to take evening courses in drawing and anatomy at the École des Beaux-Arts as well as painting lessons at the studio of Charles Gleyre, a Swiss painter who had been a student of the 19th-century Neoclassical painter Jean-Auguste-Dominque Ingres.

Although the academic style of his teacher did not suit Renoir, he nevertheless accepted its discipline in order to acquire the elementary skills needed to become a painter.

During his journey to Italy, he discovered Raphael and the hallmarks of classicism: the beauty of drawing, the purity of a clear line to define a form, and the expressive force of smooth painting when used to enhance the suppleness and modeling of a body.

At this same time, he happened to read ) by Cennino Cennini, which reinforced his new ideas.

He became convinced that the systematic use of the Impressionistic technique was no longer sufficient for him and that small brushstrokes of contrasting colours placed side by side did not allow him to convey the satiny effects of the skin.

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