Regex for validating mac address

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bz#2680 * ssh(1), ssh-keygen(1): Fix a number of case-sensitivity bugs in known_hosts bz#2685 * ssh(1): Allow ssh to use certificates accompanied by a private key file but no corresponding plain *public key.

More information on donations may be found at: deprecation notice ========================= We plan on retiring more legacy cryptography in future releases, specifically: * In the next major release (expected June-August), removing remaining support for the SSH v.1 protocol (currently client-only and compile- time disabled).* ssh-keygen(1): Fix corruption of known_hosts when running "ssh-keygen -H" on a known_hosts containing already-hashed entries.* Fix various fallout and sharp edges caused by removing SSH protocol 1 support from the server, including the server banner string being incorrectly terminated with only \n (instead of \r\n), confusing error messages from ssh-keyscan bz#2583 and a segfault in sshd if protocol v.1 was enabled for the client and sshd_config contained references to legacy keys * ssh(1): When updating hostkeys using the Update Host Keys option, accept RSA keys if Hostkey Algorithms contains any RSA keytype.Previously, ssh could ignore RSA keys when only the ssh-rsa-sha2-* methods were enabled in Hostkey Algorithms and not the old ssh-rsa method.Includes fixes for some memory and file descriptor leaks in error paths.

bz#2687 * ssh-keyscan(1): Correctly hash hosts with a port number.

* The format of several log messages emitted by the packet code has changed to include additional information about the user and their authentication state.

Software that monitors ssh/sshd logs may need to account for these changes.

Potentially-incompatible changes ================================ This release includes a number of changes that may affect existing configurations: * This release deprecates the sshd_config Use Privilege Separation option, thereby making privilege separation mandatory.

Privilege separation has been on by default for almost 15 years and sandboxing has been on by default for almost the last five.

* In the same release, removing support for Blowfish and RC4 ciphers and the RIPE-MD160 HMAC. * In the same release, removing the remaining CBC ciphers from being offered by default in the client (These have not been offered in sshd by default for several years).

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