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and said none of the ladies can understand Ramona's inability to understand why Bethenny took issue with the way she brought up Bethenny's daughter."I think she was trying to poke Bethenny and shame her a little," Carole said.

And the most focus was on Ne Ne Leakes’ declaration of wealth.

To recap: Ramona asked Bethenny if she told her 6-year-old daughter, Bryn, about her acting past. Ramona described it as her softcore porn past as it had been in the tabloid headlines.

Bethenny, who is fiercely protective of her daughter, left the dinner.

The series chronicles the daily life of Katie Otto, a wife and mother who tries to stand out among the wealthy, pretentious, arrogant housewives and their privileged children after moving to her new hometown of Westport, Connecticut.

She lives with Greg, her level-headed husband and a university professor, and their three children.

American Housewife has received mixed reviews from television critics, with Katy Mixon's performance being praised as the show's highlight.

Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 54%, based on 28 reviews, with an average rating of 6.1/10.

The site's critical consensus reads, "American Housewife is boosted by a strong and enjoyable lead performance by Katy Mixon, yet her performance alone strains to sustain an excessively quirky show that relies too heavily on stereotypes." In November 2017, the episode "Boo-Who?

" featured character Taylor Otto dressed up as a "pregnant Norwalk prom girl", poking fun at the city of Norwalk, Connecticut, which borders the show's location of Westport.

In her blog, Bethenny said she walked out because "I simply don't want to be around Ramona.""From my perspective and based on my personal values, her behavior has always spoken for itself. Typically, if I don't want anything to do with someone, I don't show up at their party.

As direct as I am about that, I am equally as direct about my wishing her health and happiness, love and light," Bethenny wrote about Ramona talking about her hurt feelings over Bethenny's absence.

You can, however, see his with him on Linked In profile, and he pops up frequently on his wife's Instagram.

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