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You can also view a historical chart of temperature data using Open HAB. A couple more sensors that don't fit in neat categories.Water Leak Sensor Get an email notification and audio alarm when a water leak is detected. Security - Door / Window / Drawer / Mailbox sensor A battery powered reed-switch sensor that can set off an audible alarm, or send an email notification to your smart phone.

I'm more focused on extensive networked sensors, timely alerts, and aesthetically appealing presentation of events. With Arduino, it's really easy to connect boatloads of cheap sensors.No more forgetting laundry in the washer or wondering if it's done yet.Use the smart phone app to check if the cycle is complete or if the load has been picked up.It's only in the aggregate that this system makes sense - a bunch of one-off sensors don't really create a coherent home automation project. I'll start off with some videos explaining how this system works and how it can be used.If this is still interesting, the rest of the steps detail how to build it.Gas/Fire/Smoke Sensor Although this should not be the primary fire alarm, it can be used to send an email notification to you when the sensor senses smoke, fire, or LP gas commonly used in gas-powered stoves.

Temperature / Humidity Sensor Temperature and humidity is reported to the mobile app.Area Intrusion Monitor A PIR sensor monitors a room and sets off audio alarm / email notification when it senses a moving body.Dog Tracker Get notified if your dog runs away, track he's GPS location on google maps, and also map where he poops.Can be used to monitor doors, windows, mailboxes, or drawers.It also logs the time the event happened, as well as the remaining battery capacity on the sensor.These sensor nodes are wireless, so you're not constrained by the location of ethernet ports. This Instructable will be a tutorial for how to build a variety of long range wireless sensors, and how to integrate these sensors into a sophisticated open source home automation server.

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