Polyamory dating match

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Polyamory dating match

Now part of me feels like I’m being forced into a life I never wanted.

Take a look and see which one is best for you and your partner!

Just as I’m getting to feel, if not exactly comfortable, then at least somewhat more relaxed about the whole situation, Lucy hits me with another bombshell.

Having previously stated that polyamory was just an idea at this stage, and something driven primarily by her sapphic side, she tells me that, in fact, she got a man in mind.

It’s hard to focus at work in the wake of Lucy’s first ‘indecent proposal’.

Home life veers between talking in a thrilled way about how this new lifestyle might pan out, and having blazing rows that seem to escalate rapidly from the smallest issue.

In one heated moment she even says that we either give polyamory a go or get divorced.

Given such a stark choice, the decision is pretty simple.In her 2015 book “The Husband Swap,” Louisa Leontiades said, “Human beings are hard-wired to make relationships.We do so in many capacities, fleeting and long-lasting, between different sexes, both inside and outside of the confines of the almost universally accepted partnership we called marriage.” Relationships aren’t as black and white as they used to be.Being given a free pass to sleep around might sound like every man’s dream… Nevertheless, after the initial shock had been numbed by Merlot, a new life in a sort of blissful hippy utopia suddenly seemed within easy grasp. (This isn’t a total surprise as I’d known that Lucy had had lesbian relationships in the past and, the truth is, another woman seems a lot less threatening than another man.)“You know, polyamory doesn’t mean our lives have to change,” she says, nuzzling my shoulder. I really feel like this is going to be great for us,” she says.‘I might not have long hair any more,’ I thought, ‘but I can still throw off the conventions of society! Relieved, I laugh, “Yeah, it’s not like we’re both going to suddenly set up Tinder profiles! It takes a few days for the milestone realisation that ‘swiping right’ was somehow going to be part of my life to set in (I last dated in a pre-Tinder era).My thoughts are whirling with ways in which my own polyamorous life might begin.

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