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“There have been times over the past year I’ve screamed, I’ve cried, I’ve said to my family, ‘Why me? The bill is being voted on in the House today, Sanchez said.

This jazz routine is full of fast-paced content, and it gets the best of him this time.

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews lent her star support to Sen.

Amy Klobuchar Tuesday by sharing her stalking horror story as the Minnesota Democrat pushed for tougher stalking laws.

Terrell and Cheryl perform a slower, sexier jive than we typically see on the show, and it pays off.

Terrell’s charm paired with Cheryl’s fun choreography pleases the judges.

The judges are into Terrell, and Terrell is into dancing.

Judges’ Score: 37/40 Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson Please, we can never lose Frankie and Witney if only so that we can get more of Witney’s hilarious takes on how to calm her partner down: “I guess I’ll just give him one of those mushrooms.” Or her acting training: “Show me creepy. That is just your normal face.” Also she gets Frankie Muniz to dress up like a troll and do the worm, which is a sentence I never even thought to dream of writing, and it is blowing my mind.

The expectations are high, and he doesn’t disappoint.

Bruno describes the routine as meets a perfect Argentine tango, and he is not wrong. Lindsey’s legs are insane and the musicality of the entire routine is unreal. The bottom three couples of the evening are Victoria and Val, Terrell and Cheryl, and Nick and Peta.

Usually the jive is tough for the taller guys (big feet get in the way! The prize, in this routine, being stealing the 10 paddle from Len Goodman’s personal safe.

For the love of Shania, I hope Len actually has that self-portrait hanging in his real house.

Andrews, who covers college sports for ESPN and was on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” earlier this year, was the victim of stalking when a man videotaped her nude through a hotel peep-hole and posted the footage online.