Nick jonas dating older women

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, performing two songs, one with Michael Bolton, at the 11th hour after Adele turned up sick. Goodrem, for years a successful singer and actress Down Under, was caught holding hands with the purity-ringless Jonas (who, at 18, is eight years her junior) at an L. Maybe because not many realized Goodrem is a huge pop star in Australia, with a whopping eight No.The 26-year-old blond songbird quickly went from a nobody to a standing ovation. 1 pop singles, and starred in the soap • She did have a minor hit in the U. with "In This Life," which talks about new beginnings and rejoicing in moving forward. The tune is on her album, .• She was the face of Pepsi in Australia: There were posters plastered all around Sydney when Goodrem became the model and made a commercial for the soda, proving at home she's as big as Britney Spears and Beyoncé.• She beat Hodgkin's lymphoma: Goodrem was diagnosed with the rare form of cancer when she was 18.

A whole load of celebs have been wearing similar designs by suit-specialist label Styland recently, including Katy Perry, Rumer Willis and Vanessa Hudgens. Jonas has been helping Goodrem work on her upcoming album, and she hinted they were a pair when she tweeted a pic of them in the studio with their arms around each other. News that the twosome have in fact been dating since March, but have managed to keep it on the down-low.After eight months of chemotherapy and two months of radiotherapy, which caused her to lose her hair, she recovered and is now involved with charities relating to the disease.• She had a mini-beef with Perez Hilton over an item that claimed she smoked cigarettes—something she and her mom adamantly denied.• She has sung with Andrea Bocelli: In 2009, Goodrem was invited to perform with the Italian tenor at four of his Christmas concerts he was throwing in the U.In the clip, the Sorry Not Sorry singer declared: 'I'm on a journey to discover what it's like to be free of all demons.'Ellen picked that up, saying: 'You are just brutally honest about what your life has been.In this documentary you talk about eating disorders, drugs...'Demi broke in, adding: 'Depression, yeah I talk about everything.Reportedly, Demi's daughter Rumer Willis set them up.

An insider spilled: "Rumer knows Demi is attracted to younger guys, and she figured that since Nick is single and has experience with older women, he'd be up for a love connection.We definitely didn’t see this pair coming, but Demi and Nick prove that age is just a number and if they’re happy with each other, all the more power to them!Demi recently ran into her younger ex Ashton at a wedding of a mutual friend and although they weren’t seen conversing, we can’t help but think things must have been awkward!Demi also toured with Nick in their Future Now show in 2016, but has always maintained they are just good friends, in spite of her lyrics suggesting otherwise.Demi Lovato looked stylish in stripes as she made an appearance on the Ellen show, channelling some seriously stylish androgynous-chic vibes!She was widely rumored to have penned her track, Ruin The Friendship, about her long-time pal, Nick Jonas.

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