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Proper and adequate exercise helps keep our elephants healthy which is very important to us.

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An arrest warrant states that the 10-year-old was locked outside "when the temperature was below 40 degrees, for several hours, without ...She is very vocal with rumbles to communicate with her herd mates and zookeepers.At night, M'Dunda sometimes spars with Osh or gently nuzzles and trunk twirls with him.adequate clothing, nourishment or supervision." The warrant goes on that the rest of the family "traveled outside the area for a dinner party." Dowless' oldest son, 21-year-old Gilmore Smith, says the incident was a misunderstanding and the child was never intentionally locked out of the home.Smith said his 10-year-old brother had gone out to play with friends and was told to return home at a certain time. This elephant habitat includes 6.5 acres of grassy hills, trees, a swimming pond, and mud wallow.

Like elephants in the wild, our elephants spend most of their time grazing, browsing on tree branches and foraging.Smith has taken on the role of father figure for his younger brothers and said he knows that he and his mother failed the 10-year-old boy."It's on me an my mother because we weren't watching him," he said.In elephant society, males leave their family groups in their teens.So you will often see Osh spending time on his own.The California Burger at Mom & Pops Burgers in Chatham is seared over a high heat, and comes on a sesame brioche bun with melted pepper jack cheese, crisp bacon, lettuce, avocado and Momís Sauce. Their menu has a lot of choices, but those choices focus on burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and hand-cut fries.

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