Milwaukee wi speed dating

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Milwaukee wi speed dating - invalidating a trademark

If you're nearby or have people in Northeast, come out and see us or share the ticket link.

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It's a small room and the show will sell out, so buy early.MERLEFEST - In April we’ll play a few nights full band in the Southeast around our appearance at Merlefest (4/29), a great long-running festival honoring the late Doc Watson’s son and picking partner Merle, who died young.I got to see Doc play with Jack Lawrence once when I was a kid, still one of the best shows I ever heard. I guess we’ll hit Atlanta, maybe Knoxville or Nashville, and then turn in a set at Merlefest before we head home.I’m 42, I have a new record finished, and due out in June.Here’s to summer green, the river of real time, and wild things caught and released.Thanks, - JF Last summer I fished a river I used to fish regularly, on a hard-to-reach stretch I’d noted in years prior but never got around to investigating.

The river bellies away from the road there a mile or more, cutting a sheer wall from a fold of granite.

Saturday March 3rd I'll be performing at the Back Porch Festival at the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA., on a sweet triple bill with my friends Birds of Chicago, and Anais Mitchell.

I'd probably go to this show even if I wasn't playing.

This year's lineup has all kinds of people I like, from Kris Kristofferson to Jim Lauderdale, whom I met last fall, and Bryan Sutton, a lights-out Nashville flat-picker who recently cut a version of my old song ‘Don’t Look for Me.' If there's a room down that way we should play, let us know.

BLOOD BROTHERS - My sixth solo record is slated for a June 15th release on my own Blueblade imprint, with a tour of the Midwest that month, and tours around the country and overseas (Europe and UK) to follow through 2018.

COLORADO - February 8-11 Billy Conway and I will play both sides of the Continental Divide in the course of four Colorado shows, starting out west in Ridgway, at the Sherbino(2/8), a great little theater and bar we found last spring, before heading back up to Basalt and The Temporary (2/9), a town, and room we’ve never played.