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Either in China or Japan, or Europe, the raw material for the production of ceramics is not yet able to identify in terms of chemical composition. Porcelain production process is carefully documented in notes on traveling missionaries and merchants, but these reports could not be used in technological processes».As such, the secrets of porcelain manufacture prescription never existed, because all the ingredients of porcelain mass and technological techniques used in the production of ceramics has a long history.

Also wanted to produce porcelain necessarily clean white, white porcelain without impurities was (and is) the most elite and prestigious.The legend of the supposedly unique Chinese porcelain is a pure misunderstanding, the fruit of the paradoxical failure to understand the public to study the history of the European ceramics present, so-called hard paste porcelain first invented in Saxony in the beginning of 18 century a class a soft porcelain were known in Europe without China, at least from the 15 century."In Europe, the hard porcelain (Porcelain) called held strong firing ceramics, transparent to the light.German alchemist Johann Friedrich Bettger, as any good Alchemist, was getting thumbed gold.In 1701, escaped from the Prussian King in Saxony, where he was in 1704, attracted important public matter of great commercial benefit, secrets of porcelain."Johann Friedrich Bettger (1682-1719) started to conduct experiments on porcelain in 1707/1708, led to the creation of"rothes Porcelain"(red porcelain) - fine ceramics.

Experiments were conducted in areas where even with the 1400 's.

"Understanding the basic principle underlying the production of porcelain, namely the necessity of burning mixtures of different types of soil, and those are easy to merge, and the merge is more complex-was the result of a long systematic experiments based on the experience and knowledge of the geological, metallurgical and chemical-alhimiko""relationship.

Thought experiments on a white porcelain made at experiences to create a"Porcelain"rothes, because just two years later, in 1709 or 1710, white porcelain was already more or less ready for manufacturing.

Confidently assert that porcelain Chinese invented in unthinkable antiquity and for Millennium art in manufacturing reached a large porcelain tableware, figurines and other household and decorative items.

In the 16 century Chinese porcelain was highly impressed the imagination of Europe, has become a matter of luxury and aristocratic prestige. Details of the porcelain production technology we will see next, now, under the porcelain imply a wide range of materials which differ from conventional ceramics by some special qualities.

Europeans have tried, but could not solve the mystery of Chinese porcelain. Conventional clay product porous and permeable non-tight porcelain for liquids and gases.

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