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see also: Most paedophiles are celibate and remain celibate, satisfying their love through non-contact means or with adult partners.

The author wishes to make it clear that whilst he supports reform of the law and changes in attitudes, he neither recommends, or wishes to incite, violations of any existing laws. Such studies don’t discriminate between ‘paedophiles’ and ‘non-paedophiles who’ve offended against children’ (see n° 2).The water is further muddied by an increasing tendency of the law, the popular imagination and the media to label any sexual, or even just ‘sensual’, interaction between a child and an adult as ‘rape’ or ‘statutory rape’, even if the interaction only consists of light, consensual touching.This is one of many examples of how the language used around this issue has broken down, no longer fitting what it purports to describe (see introductory comments).This is the only thing that sets paedophiles apart from ‘normal’ people.Otherwise they are essentially no different from any cross-section of the citizenship: they enjoy friendships with their peers, have interests that have nothing to do with their sexuality, love their families, do normal jobs, have normal ambitions, pursue their education, listen to music, watch films, do sport…Most rapes on children are committed by i/ non-paedophiles who find themselves depressed, intoxicated, tired or otherwise disoriented, and are ‘surprised’ by an unfamiliar desire which they have not previously had to learn to control (see n° 3), or ii/ ‘opportunistic’ offenders who direct their adult sexuality at whatever target is available.

The exercise of power that is the essence of rape goes against the mindset of the typical paedophile, whose interest is in a relationship in which the child enjoys the intimacy and has equal agency and power (see n° 5).

The menu in the top right corner goes back a bit further; but doesn’t include all my posts, right back to the first. A positive feed-back loop is established : as the public’s ideas concerning the hated group become more and more monstrous, it becomes less and less possible for anyone to say anything that could correct or moderate those ideas.

So this being, to a certain extent at least, a campaigning and polemical blog I have decided to repost ’18 common misconceptions about paedophiles & paedophilia’ every few months, so that it will always be present on my blog’s homepage, and so that those wanting a ‘crash course’ in pro-paedophile thinking and arguments will always have it to hand. Paedophiles don’t love children but just want them for sex. This is the situation in which the average paedophile finds him/herself today.

This is like determining the nature of people who like jewellery by exclusively studying convicted jewel thieves.

The punishments and repercussions that the slightest loss of self-control could entail are so great that, to survive in contemporary western society, the paedophile must control his desires to a much greater degree than do teleiophiles.

If one were to imagine a scale between the ‘worst’ and the ‘best’ vision of paedophilia the evidence seems to be that the typical paedophile hopes for and aspires to something approaching ‘the best’ rather than ‘the worst’.

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