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Have you seen the gifs of what compubox was counting live? Yeah, because we know the polls on this site aren't biased at all right?Golovkin came forward more, and attempted to dictate the pace, but he knew what he was walking into and was more hesitant. Meaning when the boxer throws a punch, whether it misses or lands “clean” it’s all counted.

Although I haven't counted what I would consider clean, effective punches landed, I can almost assure you, the majority of them would belong to Canelo. People don’t realize that GGG’s accumulation are mainly from jabs.

Teddy Atlas (ESPN) 110-118 Mookie Alexander ( 111-117 Brian Campbell ( 111-117 ************111-117 Patrick Stumberg ( 112-116 Bryan Graham ( 112-116 Nigel Collins (ESPN) 112-116 Cliff Rold ( 112-116 Steve Bunce ( 112-116 Harold Lederman (HBO) 112-116 Dan Rafael (ESPN) 112-116 Al Bernstein (Showtime) 112-116 Kevin Mc Rae ( 112-116 Bob Velin (USAtoday) 112-116 Lyle Fitzsimmons ( 112-116 Michael Woods ( 112-116 112-116 Leo Benatar (Directv sports) 112-116 A la vera del ring 112-116 Gareth Davies (The telegraph) 112-116 Ed Robinson (Skysports) 113-115 Stephen Smith (ESPN) 113-115 Marc Livitz ( 113-115 Mike Harris (Sports illustrated) 113-115 Phil Murphy (ESPN) 113-115 Kevin Lole (Yahoo sports) 113-115 Will Esco ( 113-115 Graham Houston (*********.com) 113-115 Marcelo Gonzalez (Space) 113-115 Doug Fischer (The******.com) 113-115 Scott Chris ( 113-115 Steve Carp (Las Vegas review journal) 113-115 Carlos Irusta (Revista ringside) 113-115 Barry Jones (Boxnation) 113-116 Kevin Mitchell ( 113-116 Liam Happe (Yahoo sports Reino Unido) 114-114 Gilbert Manzano ( 114-114 Steven Muehlhausen (Sportingnews) 114-114 Kieran Mulvaney ( 114-114 Ben Thompson (Fight hype) 114-114 David Greisman (Fighting words) 114-114 The sweet science 114-114 Danny Flexen ( 114-114 Renato Bermudez (Espn) 114-114 Jorge Eduardo Sanchez (ESPN) 114-114 Ron Borges (Boston Herald) 114-114 Brian Kenny (NBC sports radio) 114-114 Lance Puigmire ( 114-114 Chris Mannix (Yahoo sports) 114-114 Asociated press 114-114 Eric Raskin (ESPN) 114-114 William Holmes (*************.com) 114-114 Jake Donovan ( 114-114 Mike Coppinger (Ringmagazine,, USAtoday) 114-114 Alejo Rivera (Foxsports) 114-114 Joe Cortez (ESPN) 114-114 Tom Gray (The ring magazine) 114-115 Connor Rebusch ( 115-113 Salvador Rodriguez (ESPN) 115-113 115-113 Emio Marquiegui ( 115-113 Derek Bonnett ( 115-113 Danny Howard ( 115-114 Bernardo Osuna (ESPN) 115-114 Eduardo Lamazon (Tvazteca) 116-112 If they agree with you they suddenly become experts.

Every non Mexican pro boxer and pro boxing trainer I have read an opinion from thinks GGG clearly won.

For example, why has something like bad left hook or bloody elbow been included when they are nothing more than amateur internet boxing providers?

lol it would help to highlight which one saw it for which fighter.

Have you seen the gifs of what compubox was counting live? You gonna beat the lineal Champ by just throwing jabs all night and a record high worst body attempts...

People claim hitting gloves are counted well then that means GGG hitting Nelo’s gloves are counted also.The small scale of the houses along the Canon Gate will appear again and distant views will open to the Robert Burns Monument and the rock of Arthur's seat.The new Scottish Parliament should not impair these views which will become visible when the existing Brewery is demolished.The building should arise from the sloping base of Arthur's seat and arrive into the city almost surging out of the rock.THE SEATS OF THE PARLIAMENT ARE A FRAGMENT OF A LARGE AMPHITHEATRE WHERE CITIZENS CAN SIT ON THE LANDSCAPE.We would like the qualities that the peat gives to the water and turf were the basis for the new Parliament.