Jules de martino dating

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Jules de martino dating

His pupil Giacomo della Porta continued this work in Rome, particularly in the facade of the Jesuit church Il Gesu, which leads directly to the most important church facade of the early baroque, Santa Susanna by Carlo Maderno.In the 17th century, the baroque style spread through Europe and Latin America, where it was particularly promoted by the Jesuits.

Bernini’s own favourite design was the polychromatic oval church of Sant’Andrea al Quirinale (1658), which, with its lofty altar and soaring dome, provides a concentrated sampling of the new architecture.

Rome was known just as much for its new sumptuous churches as for its vagabonds.[2] Rome and South Italy The sacred architecture of the Baroque period had its beginnings in the Italian paradigm of the basilica with crossed dome and nave.

One of the first Roman structures to break with the Mannerist conventions exemplified in the Gesù, was the church of Santa Susanna, designed by Carlo Maderno and built in.

The dynamic rhythm of columns and pilasters, central massing, and the protrusion and condensed central decoration add complexity to the structure.

There is an incipient playfulness with the rules of classic design, still maintaining rigor.

One of the most outstanding German baroque architects was Balthasar Neumann, who favored circular and oval forms and used undulating lines to lend dynamism to his buildings.

The Residenz in Würzburg, designed by Neumann, is considered to be one of the finest examples of the German baroque style.

New architectural concerns for color, light and shade, sculptural values and intensity characterize the Baroque.

But whereas the Renaissance drew on the wealth and power of the Italian courts, and was a blend of secular and religious forces, the Baroque was, initially at least, directly linked to the Counter-Reformation a movement within the Catholic Church to reform itself in response to the Protestant Reformation.

While this was good for the building industries and the arts, the new wealth created an inflation, the likes of which had never been experienced before.

Basically the rich became richer and the poor became poorer.

Precursors and features of Baroque architecture Michelangelo’s late Roman buildings, particularly St.

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