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-The I took a third again a* many tuna many a head. Yuu U in water fdf MY agm* that tbe will put the moiorship Clov* Hltchidid the United Statea. Anally admitted having found noth- 1 emigrant* would be able n«ulu a« omaung- LONDON. Two Oarman guns are e UU in the yards at Oarbally Road awaltl Dg altocatlon. TWO r ACTIONS ■ntey diacover that abroad there are “f W and "new'’ Caecho-81o- vaka. Two former Communist party members, now ouutde and helping a new organisation for the relief of refugees, are Ivan Blatny, young Csech writer, and Mrs. Hand got an injunction tost Turaday restraining his visit- Ing mother-in-law to a back room.

the result of debniie iamscs snd they threaten thr hie and happiness of every- one— Memo from Actnif f^ief of I'oliee |ohn PUrkstock TODAY’S FEATURES ' Cawslaa Face M, Os Ibortao B am Br Mge Faga Ifi B4l««f4als . NON-CONFIDENCE While the motion was couched ta Pb Uce Oommissioneii. Another Interw HIon fxmcemim non-confidence tn the Oovemment Frtirt* U reromntonl a traffu-- A«*e TO»Ut»(V 73A r OBT 5T.

^ ’JT,1 ^ “ orr:: iri".::; Worried Over Rale issue j”' " from their sons of American and Th* American Overseas Airways' . Btaawn has praised Vandenberg so parslstently in his speeches as to cause speculation to the effect that his real hope was a Vanden- berg-Stassen ticket.

L,l MM * MM/* W7I ■ * ^ 1 ^ IF I ¥F I* 1*1 found Tlie extraordinary ascem- certain that Evatt would not attend power by force" to prevent »n T 'of certain itrateaic centrew inriudin* f I dl 1 * 1^011 1 ff lil S lllil III n Pfllll*0 merlin lll Ilk K open* .Fr Maywlthelectlon|,h..«smn. snmll-pcmer drie- l Ueol seixure of pp, _An American tribunal today' , , . Apr U 10 CPi -An I \f kl Ul Uilerna Hona J coovaotlon of the I I''* I * ' Northtreat ATUUon Planning Coun- , |ii|) r isliin^ ^ ®*p^*'"***’ Haw".™ or Tlreated ^uch m. YATES at QUADRA ON THE AIR MONDAY lion deadlock, and In that event Vaodenberg has been widely touted as the most likely dark-horse nominee.

for they ore copoble of two to ten times greoter mogmfi- cation Whot this hos meont in terms of knowledge is ir Koiculob Ic, but it ts tmdemoble Ihol by such meons the dork frontier of ignor- once has been pushed bock tremendously With eoch improvement, more of the unseen becomes visible .

The succession of improvements rivol the origirtoi invention in importonce.

Waltctn, con- moe Uy In the darker shades relying I vener.

with the ballerina skirts, and dreaay wools were gay colorful, while silk one and two-piece drrtsea for the luncheon date were I rang emenu were Mrs.

i Drindlng an came from correspundeii U on hand Communists were accused of ppiis ^•"rriran, have been arrested in for the Inter-Ainerlcsn Conference In two other countrlez. », ^•''^Mvd the Cuinmbian captui "Tlve rase has been set by ihe'*^*^' I Rtts Man floor battle over the prasl- Russia (eels Bastem Europe should ' lagainst ihe Government. Young Adult Aaoembly of the W M C A •' be h*ld to Vlctorla- Thf deleirate* were welcomed by ' 111 (he Bmprr*' Hntri last night, at , which Harold T. wife of Italian Premier f Uft) and former ^ 1* no cur* for b*Wnf*a ' M“r’;i\*S;ai%l«‘. no b* Durchaaed to aaaiit eatimated 300,000 young and old In Italian chantable tnetitutiona. Commons lo Debate Plan Giving Hangman Trial Holiday all our tuna within 40 mllea of the I^l*ndk, repor U Vernon Brock, di- lutee Of 1 Leino A In A C t o M Of Water rwet Thiag Ow Arvo Mg ball*'* by three Japaneae profeaaor* ; ye^ realdenr# w— In trt* Houoe of Comniona. ^ \o VC Kl ICCI *ltl C fand UU to the pooi Uon of prevent- 1 utfr. Plvt additional Soviet vrtoea were averted, when the Security Council decided It would be uarlcaa to con- The Undercover 4 if land even on the lucce w rtnl eoci' cl UBlon of the laet war Getting out waa for many a dea- perate adventure. The fugitives who feel free to dn so think up schemes to restore ESTERN bid to return Trieste Just north of free territory— offer to Italy has added trump card that waa flatly rejected by Italy, land of an U-Conutmnlata In These two young ladles, pasalng tnl Italian election campaign. offered to border policeman at road block He up his claim to Trieste if Italy found their passports In order and id give him Gorilla, border city [allowed them to pass. Apill 10 or -A woman with a peiu'hant for penning the signature of Mayor James Curley has bad City Ball hopping this sreek First, she posed as Curley s secre- tary and, on official statlanery. Meyers stays on her side of the fence everything li okay. ^ goee to jail." IT FAYS SELF-SERVE GROCERY SPECIALS FOR MONDAY. We Welcome Your Inspcctien of Onr Facilities READY -CUT MACARONI uh o on* “FAIMIN 6 It EVERYBOOr S HISTORIC MEDICAL HIOHLIGHTS--Ho.

that the He contended the public banquet, "**■ • .would head the cabinet. u/s Mur Me-'rn M Oovemment will proceed with Its was no place for internal charges to . • state Department Further de UIL* rounuy Iroin the revolt r4*,.— Ntne penons. ° ,vert an Ameriovn-Iuie first two assembly prondeni A I lil Ulo m alleged plaiu for s May Day coupi **l V , . T°*Undr7in Id U^^ Tha recent widely publlrlied Treaaury lald there would b* no o Tem Torcra Tun Pcaa-N R A A*:*^ Tretuur, »ld there would b. of the Exchequer, tald that he »a' tbvre are more thoj rutting lh« maximum amount of ipipisa) u-a-n of lemon lo water But to an inidpvlew with Pwlflcl withdrawal of t S, 000 rf SO. m pacific l Uhtog ground* as|8ura and Btrlpea the three doctor* . April 11 ga dlu L ' “ ; proposal of Home Secretary Chuter , . l Yiere are velerana In eule LAKE e UCCESa, April 10 Ruaaia uaed the veto for the 39rd time today to block a new weatem power attempt to get Italy Into the United Natloni. Valynova Bernard, who formerly held a high poet In the Csecho-Slovak trades union organisation. who la are having documents examined by rr of Red sateliltea. He said ha put up the fence to en- force the court order which drslg- nated one section of the house as Mrs. Steve Bowers, lawyer for Hand, said yeeterday that "as long as Mrs.

' to dtoeover where the Surveyor- "And (he roily way to avoid tav* ' Oeneral Axed the oorner of Tankard eeriainty end eroukad stfoata Is ! Old maps and new^tba ptctwvi Mne qualntneae of awr maps, eevaiebod • oat mage and ttapton Dod etree ta . Including even a few former Comfhunlittx who hare chanced their tnlnda.

' ptna, tripods and tbeodo Utas to die- Neither ornamant or advantage can 'cover tha ctraal. By'be derived from Um perpetuation at I trtgnoometrteal otaearvatkm ihay try auah a e U#a of thlnss. M Oovemment pmerwm under which Siflfli^ht in Trotiblet! fnmicd hr Kint John AA*}.-8cattci Td and bewildrred Caccho-filovak.« abroad.

Miie Tlmi Bla general cooeener, received the gueeu.

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