Is ie8 worth updating

20-Jan-2020 23:39 by 7 Comments

Is ie8 worth updating - dating support forum

series to talk about how we should stop supporting the browser that everyone loves to hate: Internet Explorer 8.

Unfortunately, you can’t just say “hey, let’s stop supporting IE8! If your site has been supporting IE8 for years there will be real revenue lost by no longer supporting it.

So in order to convince folks, you need to come armed with data and facts to present a compelling argument, especially for ecommerce sites where the revenue loss can be calculated directly.

Before we bury Internet Explorer 8 under a mountain of evidence, let’s give it a chance to mount its own defense.

So instead of just having a soapbox bash-fest complaining about IE8, let’s instead treat this situation like a court case.

We’ll present a case so compelling against IE8 that the judge (aka the boss) will have no choice but to rule in our favor.

At Eventbrite we have a much more formalized process around browser support and deprecation that I really like.

Essentially we having a grading system for all browsers: Then there is a formal proposal process to downgrade a browser.

And speaking of companies, most IT departments at big organizations prevent employees from installing applications or new browsers.

It’s a “security risk.” So even if a work employee wanted to switch to the browser they use at home, they wouldn’t be able to.

Time spent worrying about IE8 could be better spent building out cool new functionality on the modern browsers that can support it. Any website created within the last couple of years probably didn’t bother worrying about IE8. Unfortunately for an older site, IE8 was the big kid on the block, so it had to be supported.

That’s why sites like Google, The New York Times, Sales Force, and even Microsoft itself are all no longer supporting IE8, choosing to focus on building powerful new web experiences. And now dropping IE8 support has a tangible cost because it most likely will mean some amount of lost revenue over time.

When I arrived at Eventbrite in May, they had only just recently deprecated Internet Explorer 7!