Is hermione and ron dating

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""Of course Winky," Harry said, very aware Hermione was trying hard not to laugh at the scene they'd just witnessed and how the elves were reacting. Winky saluted them both, "Winky will make breakfast.Raffy, you is making sure the Grangys finds dining room and then making ups the beds.

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I'm really sorry for our first night together being interrupted.""Sirius I'm a curse-breaker for a global bank who has often had some of the most dangerous assignments imaginable.

He's only that smooth because he's been her best friend for four years.""I'm just honest with Hermione," Harry said, blushing."They're just teasing you Harry," Hermione said, hugging him and glaring at her parents. We've certainly been through worse than two muggle dentists.""We're sorry dear," Emma said. Harry's the first friend we've spent any real time with and on top of that he's your first boyfriend."Hermione's hand was holding Harry's and she leaned into his ear to whisper, "Only boyfriend." Harry smiled at that and they ate breakfast all together while Daniela told them about the magical schools of Spain.

That day Harry was taken shopping with Daniela and Emma, Sirius going along to pay for his godson's wardrobe.

Specifically the morning they wake up in Spain after their escape from Hogwarts and Britain.

Some relationships grow, House Elves have a problem, and we see some more Daniela who I'm glad people like. Oh, and Harry continues to be accidentally romantic and sweet. Harry Potter woke in a strange bed but in a familiar embrace, which was the only thing that prevented him from freaking out.

Dan and Hermione, meanwhile, went to the magical ministry to get their visas and arrange for tours of the schools. But mine was that my best friend, my brother, was dead. If I'd had that girl of yours, I would never have abandoned you that night.

Daniela had arranged for someone to be there to meet them and unlike the British Ministry of Magic, Spain's was visible and accessible to non-magicals. His health, his future…he wouldn't have even thought about that. I think that's why I really freaked out when your parents died. And I wanted Peter dead."Sirius squeezed Harry's shoulder, "A bit off track aren't I? Don't ever let her feel underappreciated."Harry looked at Sirius, confused.

"I guess that takes care of that then," Harry said.

"Winky's in charge of all Potter house elves."Winky stood that much taller at Harry's words and looked at them, "Can Winky gets fabrics to make her a special uniform? "Just take whatever gold you need from my account.""We're definitely out of England for good now so Winky if you have to order these two boys around to arrange for that to happen by all means, do so," Hermione said.

"You must have had Spanish relatives."Harry smiled. Very warm."Hermione slid out of bed, "Come on, let's check out the bathroom." Harry quickly exited the bed and after some adjustments followed his girlfriend into the bathroom.

Sirius Black woke and yawned before bringing his arms around his bedmate.

Dan and Emma listened patiently throughout, asking questions when they needed to clarify something. Emma nodded her agreement and they settled for talking about what they'd do now that they were in Spain as they waited for Sirius.